Drugged and Robbed His First Trip To Cali Colombia

It was 6 months ago today when Ernie took his first trip to Cali Colombia. He went with intentions of checking out the place and having fun. It was a Saturday night and he got into a taxi and went off to some places to find a nice prostitute for the night. He found a sexy blonde prepago that he calls Vanessa at a rate of 60.00us for the night. He wasn’t only looking to bang her, but he wanted to go out with her and enjoy the night first, she was game. So they headed off to a local club off of ave Sexta, known for it’s line up of salsa clubs in the area.

They were drinking, making out and having a blast. Ernie’s mistake was that he traveled alone on his first trip to Cali. After a night of enjoyment, making out and sporting a nice buzz, 4am came around and they headed back to his hotel. His hotel was the Dan Cartlon, which is by far the worst hotel in Cali in my opinion. Dan Carltons are excellent in Bogota, but in other areas maintain a normally corrupt staff, especially in Cali. I actually had issues in this place myself with a staff trying to rob me, demanding cash for each girl brought back to the room. Inflating the bill upon exit.

Ernie heads up to the room with the girl and sits down on the bed and pours a couple of drinks. He goes into the bathroom for a minute comes out, takes a sip and wakes up at 2pm the next day with no wallet, no laptop, no ipod, and zero cash or a passport. He gets dressed and runs downstairs to the front desk asking that very same staff, if they saw her leave. The front desk guy says, she left about 1 hour after arriving with you. He says that he was robbed of everything, did’t you see her leave with the laptop or anything, and they replied no. What could he do? Really not much to do but call the girl, he makes several calls to the cell phone with no response. Really there was nothing more he could do. he could go back to the whore place where he found her, but he would probably get killed even trying. He could call the cops and explain that he was with a whore that drugged him. The police really do not do anything for you anyways so not a good choice. He had to make arrangements for a new passport and get some money wired to him.

Unfortunately, not the best first trip to Colombia for Ernie.