Job Interview Questions Answer: How Did You Hear About This Oppurtunity

If you go for a job interview then most probably you will hear the interview asking, How did you hear about this oppurtunity. What should you say? What should you not say? and what should you know.

Hello, Guys! In today’s tutorial, we will discuss how to answer the question: How did you hear about this position? during a job interview. We will discuss,

When an interviewer asks us, how did you hear about this position? then what we shouldn’t be doing and saying. What should we know before hand to answer this question? What actually, we should be doing and saying for an answer. And we will end or tutorial with the what’s next section. So when an interviewer asks you, how did you hear about this position? Then:

Don’t give a one word or a one liner answer. For example, I heard about this position from a colleague, and that’s it. Don’t do it. I saw an ad in a newspaper. Don’t do that. So you should be able to give a more explanatory answer. Don’t give a one word or a one liner. And when an interviewer asks you this question, then don’t look surprised, like what kind of a question is this? OK. Because it may be your best opportunity to present yourself. And don’t be confused during answering your question. Take your time and be confident. Make an eye contact and give your answer. If it looks like that your source is not good, think of other sources. For example, if a friend told you about the job and it’s a company policy that employees can not tell to their friends then you use some other source. For example, I saw an ad in the newspaper on 27th of January and so on. So these are the don’ts. Don’t tell and don’t do these things. Then your question would be, what should we actually be telling or saying. Before we can discuss what should we tell them:
We have to discuss what should we know before hand to answer this question in a better manner. You should be able to tell where was the ad published. So you have to know when was the ad published and where in which news paper was it published or a magazine or a website and so on. You should know if a friend working in a company told you: then is it a good idea to his or her name? And if it’s a good idea then please do it. and if it’s not a good idea, for example if it’s a company policy that nobody can tell their friends about the job then you can not tell use their name. You have to do the research about the company, its operations, vision, mission, objectives excreta. so you have to be aware what kind of a work a company is doing? Where in the world it is doing and where in a country does it have other branches. So you have to know a little bit about the company. And usually when we receive an interview letter, it states that Mr. XYZ, company manager, branch manager will be taking our interview. So, you can use, or the company’s website to do a little research about the interviewer. You have to know his background. If he is a technical person then you should be using technical jargons and slangs during your interview. And if its he is a HR person then you should be using a very good English words and phrases. If it’s possible then you should know who was working at the targeted position for which you are applying. For example, what was his qualifications or her qualification? What kind of experience did that person have? And if it’s possible then why he did he left the leave the job. So you should be able to know these things.