What is Online Banking ? What Features Does Internet Banking Offer?

Online Banking is Banking services provided by banks to their customers. These banking services allows customers to conduct financial transactions online. Financial transactions includes online payments, online money transfer, etc. This basically means that the customers would not need to go go to the bank for such things. Nowadays, online banking is so advanced that customers can get detailed information online. For example, interest rates of different loans offered by banks. Or interest rates offered by banks for savings, etc.

How Does One Get Started With Online Banking?

  1. First, make sure  your bank provides online banking services.
  2. Using your bank account details, click to Sign Up option.
  3. This Sign Up option will always exist in the Login page of the Bank’s site.
  4. Follow each method meticulously as it is crucial for you to do so.
  5. Eventually, click on the Create Account option to create your account.
  6. Now, each bank might have a different way you can sign up for the service.
  7. For example, a Union Bank checking account will allow you to sign up.
  8. Or if you have a Union Bank Debit card, you can access the service easily.
  9. Sometimes, signing up with other banks might require your Social Security Number.
  10. This is required mostly for banking services provided by American Banks.

What Features Does Internet Banking Offer?

  • One is you can easily pay your bills online with online banking.
  • You can also view all transactions made on your account online.
  • With online banking, you can set alerts for upcoming payments.
  • You can also set up security alerts for any foul play to your account.
  • Some banks offer rewards for online banking like Credit Score.
  • For example, U.S. Bank’s Flex Perks is an offers such incentive to customers.
  • You can now access bank account from your smartphones via online banking.
  • The bank would not charge for online banking transactions made by you.

With Online Banking, you do not need to worry about security issues. You can rest assure that banks will set up security measures on their websites. They would use a industry-standard Secure Transaction software and protocol. This will help to maintain secure management of the security when you use their sites. Once, you sign up for online banking services, you will need to log in to use the service. Basically, you will need your User ID and password to login and we will provide help so on and forth. Make sure that you do not share your information of online banking login details.