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Located on Bristol Pike in Bensalem, PA, Eddington Supply LLC has been in the business of providing the best Masonry and Hardscaping since 1949. Eddington Supply LLC is the right choice when it comes to getting the supplies you need for your projects. Since our inception in 1949 we have provided all types of tools and supplies needed for every project you can imagine. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you with all the materials you need to do your job at a comfortable price.

Eddington Supply LLC provides delivery services at the convenience of our customers. We deliver both quality and value by making outstanding Hardscaping and Masonry products with different color and designs at the right price.

Eddington Supply has a knowledgeable staff that has been in the industry for more than 15 years. We are ready to help you with your project from beginning to end, whether it be your landscaping project, stucco work, stone veneering, or masonry venture. With our extensive patio and wall display we can help you choose colors and styles based on what is available and what is best for your application.

Need a contractor? We can help you find a qualified contractor you can trust.
Doing it yourself? We can help you calculate your materials and make sure you have the information you need to get the project done right.

Stay warm this winter. We supply propane, coal and top of the line gas fireplaces and heaters. We also offer a propane tank exchange program. No huge tank to block up your yard. We offer two smaller 100 LB tanks, with a dual regulator system. When one tank goes empty just give us a call and we’ll swap it with a full tank. The dual regulator allows for continuous gas service and the full or empty indicator makes it easy to know when to call.
Have it Delivered. From mulch and sand to brick and block we can bring these straight to you. Why bother with the hassle of trying to rent a truck or run back and forth? Often times it costs you more in time, gas and material then when you order in bulk.
Not sure how much you need? Bring us your measurements, whether it be for mulch or landscape stone or for a patio or wall project, we will be happy to help you figure out how much you should order. Give us a call before you come down and we can tell you what and how to measure.


Here at Eddington Supply LLC we promise to give you the highest quality products for the best price around. Our suppliers help us help you by sending us many different types of project supplies. We use this advantage to deliver outstanding service with every single order. Finding the best products to satisty your needs is our top priority. We search through our suppliers to give you the best price possible when it comes to your supply needs.

1. Coal

“Reliable, high quality supply of coal”

“It is one of nature’s most remarkable – and versatile – resources. It is Anthracite coal.

Modern Anthracite is a clean burning fuel, a raw material used in the manufacture of many household items, a reducing agent needed in the refining of metal ores, and an effective, long lasting filter medium. And Centralia Coal Sales Company is the largest marketing representative of Anthracite in the United States.”

Quality power straight from the earth

Coal as a natural resource powers a large amount of the world’s electricity. We supply our customers with the highest quality coal to power all of their buildings and machinery. There are many uses for coal power including electricity, processing, electricity, and even transportation. Our customers love our coal because it is useable in any of these occasions and we offer it at an amazing price!

Our customers love our coal service because we make sure to bring the coal right to them. We use our dump trucks and flat beds to send you any of our products to any location in an extremely timely manner. If you are in need of coal for a weekend barbeque event, we can make sure to have you covered in no time!

2. Pavers and Retaining Walls

Does your patio or driveway need a new design?

Popular Styles of Pavers

Brick Stone Pavers
Ledge Stone Pavers
Bullnose Pavers
Depending on the size and color of your home, we make sure to use top quality pavers to give you the design of your dreams. There are many different styles and types of pavers. Ep Henry, CST, and Cambridge pavers are our go to for quality pavers that come in many styles and colors. CST offers a special Mono-Cast paver that cannnot be found anywhere else. Cambridge makes sure to offer quality pavers that stay colorful for many years. High quality pavers are offered at every single one of our suppliers no matter what your preference is.

3. Fireplaces

Are you in need of a quality fireplace?

Fireplaces are a luxury that have been keeping family safe and warm inside their homes for years. We makes sure that our fireplace are made from the best quality materials and are made to last. A brand new fireplace can be a great addition to any room of the home including living rooms, bedrooms, waiting rooms, and even bathrooms!

We make sure to pick manufacturers that have a track record of quality fireplaces. Every fireplace that we purchase for you is thoroughly inspected buy our educated staff to make sure that it is safe for use. Installation not included.

4. Rock Salt

The premium bulk and packaged ice melt product

“International Salt, in conjunction with SPL, mines salt from Chile’s Tarapaca΄ Salt Flat, a reserve projected to meet worldwide demand for salt for the next 5,000 years. Additional company-affiliated operations, including Saline Diamante Branco, one of Latin America’s leading producers of solar and evaporated salt products, and Empremar S.A., an industry-leading, ocean-going shipping organization, enable International Salt to mine, ship, transport, process, package, and distribute deicing salt from strategically situated salt service centers along the East Coast. ”

Be prepared for any time of emergency!

Premium rock salt can be very important when the weather hits you by surprise. Our products have been saving time and money for our customers ever since we began this business. Rock salt is the number one most cost-effective snow removal product on the market. Our rock salt is used on many snow related pathways including:

Local highways and traffic roads so that people remain safe in dangerous weather.

Business parking lots so workers can get to their jobs safely without risk of injury

Popular sidewalks so that everyone can walk safely from one location to another after the storm hits.

Local home complexes that need their roads cleared for pedestrian use.

5. Top soil

Quality topsoil right at your doorstep.

Finding quality topsoil can be hard for the average business owner who needs to make sure that their landscape will stay fresh for many years. Here at Eddington Supply, we offer the highest quality topsoil around.

All of our topsoil is sold by cubic yard because we are always thinking about our customers. As a result, we make sure that your getting the best possible price for your topsoil. Our dump-trucks are available at any time of the year to transport your topsoil quickly and conveniently.

What kind of top soil is the best for my home or business?

Our fill dirt can be used to increase the elevation of a building before soil and the foundation of a building is built. We make sure that all of our fill dirt is ready to use for every single customer. Organic contents such as a tree stump that has been kept intact sinks as it decomposes. Fill dirt provides the substance to fill depressions and contour beems. Call us today to get a quote on your plot of land.

The best type of top soil that we offer is screened topsoil. Our screened topsoil had the perfect amount of organic matter to create the best possible soil for tilting. We also make sure that our topsoil includes a loamy foundation. With all of these ingredients included, our topsoil will keep your plants healthy and in great growing conditions for many of years.

6. Stucco

Creating the foundation for any wall.

There are a few preliminary supplies for stucco that are necessary for development of your home or new wall. Metal Laths allow for better stucco bonding in either pumped or troweled applications. Walls and ceilings are the most popular items that use laths to create supplier reinforcement. Corner Laths and Stop Beads are the standard accessory for providing exterior corner protection and providing a reliably straight ground for screening. Our casting beads are great for plaster stops around doors and windows. We offer the casting beads in 1/2 and 3/4 increments. Check out some pictures of our laths and beads below.

Why should you use Stucco?

Stucco lends itself to virtually any application. Also, the color variations available when selecting stucco are limitless. Other advantages to natural stucco include fire resistance, a high degree of energy efficiency and low maintenance.

7. Brick

Information about Bricks

Made from some of the most abundant, natural materials on earth; and then fired through a kiln at up to 2000 degrees. Bricks are incredibly durable and last for great lengths of time. Bricks have brilliant thermal performance; they help retain heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. Also, using bricks allows for acoustic reduction of outside noises.

There are many types of bricks out there to choose from. Here are some of the bricks that we offer.

Full Range Philly Barktex
Full Range Fine Red Mattex
New Used
Red Fine Brick
Old Glory
Red Fine Mattex
Fire Brick(Full)
Fire Brick(Split)

8. Cement & Mortar

The pro’s choice for concrete, mortar, and stucco mixes

Contractors and do-it-yourselfers rely on Sakrete for quality, consistency and proven performance. We can help you complete your project faster and easier with our outstanding product quality and availability along with the best technical and customer support. At Sakrete, we’re committed to developing innovative products and solutions to meet your needs. When tackling the toughest of residential or commercial projects, trust Sakrete, the Pro’s Choice since 1936. Check our Sakrete cements below.

Concrete Mix, Mortar Mix, Sand Mix, Stone Veneer

Continually seeking new and innovative technologies

Keystone Cement manufactures quality Portland and masonry cements that are used in the construction of highways, bridges, and buildings. Keystone Cement, founded in 1928, is located in Bath, Pennsylvania, approximately 60 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

Keystone is proud of its commitment to environmental responsibility and its relationship with the local community. Our employees are active citizens in the Lehigh Valley. As a company we are committed to building a better life for them and for our neighbors in the community.

9. Polysand & Sealers

“Protect and enhance your pavers with Techniseal Paver Protector”

Our high-quality Wet Look concrete sealer adds a rich, glossy finish and satin appearance to your pavers. If you like the look of your pavers, slabs or paving stones after a rainfall, you’ll appreciate the look and feel of this effective product from Techniseal.

This Paver Sealant protects and brightens concrete pavers. Consisting of acrylic and plasticizers, the Wet Look Concrete Sealant can be used to effectively protect and enhance your pavers and concrete slabs.

If you hire a contractor, make sure that they use this top-performing sealer, the Wet Look Concrete Paver Sealer from Techniseal.

The WL4 is an acrylic sealer that leaves a wet look to your pavers or other outdoor surfaces, such as driveways, patios, parking lots and pedestrian areas. Esthetically pleasing, it beautifies and enriches the original color of the pavers.

There are many benefits to using Paver Sealers

Sealers form a protective film over the paver, preventing the penetration of oil, water and dirt. This shielding layer protects the surface, while facilitating cleaning.

Our sealers are easy to apply and they penetrate the pores of concrete for maximum effectiveness and durability.

It won’t flake, won’t fade and will resist the assaults of weather such as the freeze-thaw cycles, sun, rain and calcium.

Adhesive to pavers for long lasting life, it also helps interlock pavers together.

We also offer cleaners and stain removers

Techniseal paver cleaners and stain removers are great accesorys to have around for your pavers and sealers. Our stain removers are easy to use and are completly safe for your sealers. Stain removers require no scrubbing and easily remove all stains, paint, or tar caused by the enviroment. Our Cleaners are specialy formulated for every type of paver and are easy to rinse. The most important benifit to using out cleaners is that they work quickly and even leave a glossy finish. Check our some of our cleaners and stain removers below!

Is your paver beginning to look dirty?

There are many benefits to adding sand to your home’s patio, walkway, or driveway. Polymeric sand resists erosion caused by sweeping, wind, rain, and even pressure washing. Sand also inhibits weed growth and resists insect infestation, leaving pavers clean at all times.

Our polymeric sands are high-performance products that provide optimal resistance for
wide joints as well as for high-moisture and high-traffic areas.

How many different types of Polymeric Sand are there?

Technesial polysand is the main brand of polysand that we carry. We offer Techniseal’s main line of RG+ and HP² in two main colors. Tan and Grey options are avaiable for both of these polymetric sands. Each of these sands are great options for many pavers.

10. Stone Veneer

How are our stone veneers different?

In addition to offering ICC certified stone and brick veneers, the company also has architectural precast products and a broad list of high quality accessories. All products are ICC-ES certified and conform to the latest AC-51 specifications. Environmental StoneWorks is also actively involved in MVMA, NAHB, AIA, Built Green and many other industry associations. Builders can earn LEED credits by working with the company, whose strict safety and installation procedures lead the industry.

Creating the perfect look for the exterior of your home

Stone Veneers can be one of the most defining quality of a home if done correctly. Our stone veneers have been turning heads for years and we make sure that every customer gets that special experience. We make sure that all of our veneers look close to natural stone in every single aspect. Our two most popular manufactures of stone veneer are Environmental Stoneworks and Cultured Stone.

Aspen Brandywine Bucks County Rubble Buff

New England Pacific Pennsylvania Tundra

11. Propane

Helping you generate heat and cooking for your family

Propane is one of the most modern and technological ways to keep your home warm and cooking on the grill. Our propane tanks are great for any appliance that would need proper heat. We offer many propane services which includes propane refills, new canisters, and barbeque tanks. We also offer forklift propane tanks at an efficient price for any business.

Bring your tanks to us!

Refilling your propane tanks can be just as easy as buying a new propane tank but cheaper and better for the environment. At our location, we offer the option to refill your existing propane tank at a competitive price. For more information, feel free to contact us here or check our some propane examples

12. Cinderblock

Why should you use cinderblocks?

Cinderblocks offer great benefits to any company that needs bulk amounts of structural integrity. Our cinderblocks are manufactured by EP Henry and are sure to last. The great thing about cinderblocks is that they are completely fire resistance. Masonry never burns and as a result, they will maintain structure for at least four hours of heat exposure. Not only do cinderblocks offer structural value, but they also make your home look modern and accredited for years to come.

How many different types of cinderblocks do we offer?

There are many different types of cinderblock to select from, each serving their own function. We offer a variety of different sizes and styles for our customers. Check out some of our cinderblocks below.

Four Inch Hollow
Six Inch Hollow
Eight Inch Hollow
Twelve Inch Hollow
Two Inch Solid
Four Inch Solid
Six Inch Solid

Are there any advantages to concrete and cinder block accessories?

Concrete accessories greatly benefit all of our customers that are planing to lay out multiple cinder blocks for their building or home. Rebar Caps are one of our most popular accessories due to their great price and exceptional safety values. With rebar caps, you can guarantee that all of your workers will remain safe and completely protected from impalement. We also offer Nail Stakes which are primarily used to secure wood or metal forms to the ground. Nail stakes are a great asset to every business owner who needs to hold timber, stakes, and metal forms from moving due to the elements.

13. Sand

The most durable sand for all of your projects!

Our high quality concrete sand is screened and washed so that we are able to give our customers the best sand around. Concrete sand can be used for many different types of walkways or patios. The most common use for our sand is for swimming pool foundations. Many of our customers reported that our concrete pool foundations are of the highest quality.

How many different types of Concrete Sand are there?

We offer many different colors of concrete sand. Check out some of our sands below and contact us for any more information.

Concrete Sand Yellow Bar Sand White Bar Sand

Brown Bar Sand X Bar Sand (Pool Sand)

14. Stone

Are you in need of large amounts of stone?

Stone walkways and exterior walls are becoming the most popular additions to the modern home. Our business offers large amounts of stones to any retailer who requests it. We stock the biggest selection of hardscape materials around. The two main types of stone that we carry are crushed stone and decorative stone. Upon request we can also order other types of stone.

Stonework will keep your home looking modern for years and years.

Stone work can be done to any home, at any location, all year old. We stock every major brand of stone to make sure that you are getting the home that you’ve been dreaming of. We get our stone from quarries that have the largest selection and highest quality in the area. Using this stone, we complete our jobs effectively and with extreme care. Check out some of their most popular stone examples below.

Modified Stone (2A)1/2 Inch Clean (2B)3/4 Inch Clean

Screenings Goose Egg 2-4 Inch3/4 Inch River Jack

1 1/2 Inch River Jack 1-3 Inch River Jack 3-5 Inch River Jack

3/8 Inch Yellow Pea 3/4 Inch White Gravel 3/4 Inch Red Tipple 3/8 Red Tipple

Tools & Supplies

Everything from wheelbarrels to hammers!

We look to provide our customers with quailty construction tools that are the industry standard for professional contractors.

Just the tip of the iceburg!

We offer an incredibly extensive selection of tools & supplies for any customer. Hammers, brooms, and paver tools are all popular examples of tools that we sell in bulk to our customers. Our tools are easy to use and help make your job easier for years to come. Make sure to check out some of our tools below!


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