What Is Tuscan Pizza?

Tuscan Pizza is brick oven pizza.

Tuscan Pizza is a traditional thin crust Tuscan pizza made with only the best and freshest ingredients and oven fired in brick oven. We also offer delicious flatbread sandwiches, fresh salads and creamy real Italian Gelato (ice cream).

Tuscan Pizza is an American spin on the traditional Tuscany style pizza. Instead of wood or coal burning brick ovens, our brick oven is fired by domestic clean burning fuel, allowing pizzas to be cooked at well over 900 degrees, pizzas come out with a distinct thin crust that is considered “perfectly done.”

Tuscan Pizza uses Tuscan dough made fresh daily with extra virgin olive oil, use only the best quality cheeses made by the Grande Cheese Company. Our wide variety of lean meats, fresh vegetables and toppings help to create a pizza that delivers a taste of freshness like no other pizza place. Select any of wide variety of pizza recipe favorites or “build your own.” Gluten Free and Vegan Options available.

Tuscan Pizza is family and kid friendly. In addition to the personal TVs at each booth, they have an affordable kids menu, Italian ice cream and assorted juices and milk.

Tuscan Pizza wants to be your favorite pizza place and we will work hard to earn it.