How I Use eMeals To Save Money For My Family

Can I be honest with you for a second? (Not like I normally lie to you….)

Sometimes, I think that you think I’ve totally got my act together. Sure, I love to organize. My home is relatively tidy on any given day, to the point that I’m not scared to have last-minute guests. I have a bad-ass realistic schedule/routine that allows me to accomplish a gazillion things. I plan and execute homeschooling two kids, drive to and from 10 lessons per week, and hit the gym for a good sweat 2-3 times a week.

Freaking Supermom, right??


I don’t usually post my crazy-days. The days I look at every flat surface in my house and see crap. stuff. junk. The days I look at my fridge, freezer, and pantry and see nothing but JUNK.

I feel centered on the days I have a great plan, but sometimes, even a great planner needs a little help!

A few years ago, I messed around with a meal-planning service that you’ve likely heard of, eMeals. Truth be told, I wasn’t entirely thrilled with it. Many of the recipes in the “family plan” were not what my family would eat, and at that time, there weren’t a variety of options for the type of menu you could choose. (If memory serves, it was limited to “Classic Family Plan” and “Low-Cal”).

Slim pickin’s.

When I started to feel sluggish and uninspired in planning meals for my family, I turned to eMeals, mainly because I knew they had dramatically widened their plans and recipes, and my family had become less picky. I was delighted to see that they had a Clean Eating Meal Plan for the Crockpot! Perfect for those who want to serve REAL food, but are short on time. The eMeals App is a new addition since my last subscription, which puts Meal Planning at your fingertips! Can you say Whoop Whoop?!?

To get the most of my eMeals subscription, I don’t use it the way it was designed. I love that I get 7 meals to prep for my family, but on average, we like 3-4 of them.

Each Wednesday, I print off the recipes that automagically appear in my inbox, and I immediately clip the ones that I am either SURE the family will like or it’s a good possibility that they’ll enjoy it. I toss the rest. I also throw away the grocery list. Yes, it’s a nice feature, but I’ve found it’s actually more of a pain to figure out what I’m actually going to need to buy.

Then, I pull out my other clipped eMeals recipes (which include side dishes! Bonus!), and fill in the blanks on my calendar, taking into account that some of the recipes are great for leftovers, or need an ingredients that may have been left from another dinner. (eMeals is really good at using your time and money wisely by having you pre-cook some stuff).

Once I have my recipes picked, then I go through and build my grocery list.


No stress. No waste. No worries.

It took me a few weeks to build up my stash of eMeals recipes, but I’ve got 3 months of them to work from now and it has truly made

I hope, if you are feeling uninspired, at your wits end, trying to stay in a budget, eat better, or any other food-related goal, that you’ve found this helpful!

If you want to try eMeals for yourself, you can use this eMeals link.

Happy cooking!