How To Use WordPress And Start Earning Money

Hi there! The other day I wrote an article about how to earn money just by writing simple blogs.  Today I want to write more details about WordPress – how to use it to earn money even with little or no technical experience.

As a Mom with a daytime job and a household to look after,  my days are fogged up with all the tasks needed to be done.  I’m sure many moms are in this kind of situation.  The challenge we all find is, with the very limited time we have on our hands, how is it even possible to do something else such as earning extra money?

When I came across WordPress, that made me change my perspective.  I’ve read many good things said about WordPress but I thought it was a very complicated thing to learn. Between work and home,  I have little time and energy left so anything I need to learn has be simple to understand.  I realized that WordPress is exactly that.  Because many talented, gracious and generous people already did the hard work for WordPress, all you need to do is apply it and use it to your heart’s desire.

WordPress is a platform that makes earning extra money really possible. Currently I’m earning an extra $150+ a month just by writing simple blogs.  It may not be a big amount for some, but the best thing I like about it is that it’s a recurring income – so even though on many days I am busy and not able to write, the posts that I have already written are continuing to earn by themselves.  It’s like putting money in the bank and getting interest every month.  With blogging, you write posts  and see your income generated every month.

The blog I have in here is just a simple topic – giving username ideas and blog name ideas to people.  And I used WordPress to build this blog.

Here’s how:

There are 2 kinds of WordPress – one is and the other is is totally free but it has limitations.  I use because it is more flexible and has more earning potential.  With you have to host your own site (explained below).  With the .org option there are 2 things that need to be done first:

  1. Get a domain name.  Choose a name that is related to your blog topic.  This will be your URL (universal resource locator) or your website name. For example my name on this blog is  I purchased my domain name through  It is relatively cheap.  I found a website where you can get GoDaddy promo discount codes:  Enter the promo code upon checkout.
  2. Sign up for a hosting account.  This is the company who will host your site.  (This is what it means by “hosting your own site”). You can pay monthly or yearly.  You may find asking yourself “is it worth it to pay a fee to host your own blog?” I have asked myself that same question and after seeing the results, the answer is yes.  It is worth it to host your own site IF you enjoy blogging and strive to make it grow.  I use Bluehost and find them extremely reliable.  If there’s ever anything I don’t understand or need clarification on, I just click on the chat button and there’s somebody who can always answer my question fast.  Pls. note if you sign up under my referral link I do receive a referral compensation from Bluehost.  I just wanted to disclose this to you.  But I do am very honest in telling you that I find Bluehost services wonderful.

And I totally LOVE Bluehost‘s one-click WordPress installation too!  When you go to the cPanel, under website builders you will see the first icon there, WordPress.  Just click on it and that’s where the FUN and EXCITEMENT all begins!

There are many great looking free WordPress themes that you can use.  You can keep on changing the themes – much like changing clothes to see the different looks and pick the theme you like best.  The theme that I use on this site is called “Noteworthy”.  To change themes, go to appearance – themes – install and type “noteworthy” or any nice theme you come across.  After you install and activate it, your site or blog will instantly be dressed up. It is very fun and exciting!

That was about the LOOKS of the blog.  Now what about to earn money from the blog?  Start writing and posting about your topic.  The more helpful your post is, the more people will like it.  People want to read blogs either for entertainment or to find facts, information and ideas.  I like sharing ideas because it saves people time.  Write about a topic you like and will benefit other people.  Earning money comes from different ways.  For me, right now placing ads is the most effective way of earning money but I do am exploring more things as I grow.

 Sign up for Google Adsense.  It is free to join.   After Google approves it you can log into your Adsense account and start putting your codes into your blog.   I apply Google Adsense codes in all my posts.  How it works is that companies pay Google to advertise their products/services. You put the Google ad codes into your blog, and earn money when your blog readers click on the ads.  Google shares with you the payments they receive from the advertisers.  So the goal is to get as much traffic as you can towards your blogs.  And the way to get big traffic is to write blogs that people like to read.

Sign up for Chitika.  I also have Chitika ads on my blogs now.  I have heard about Chitika a long time ago but I didn’t know it can be used in conjunction with Google Adsense.  I originally thought it was one or the other.  I was mistaken and I’m glad I found out now.

I’m really happy to share with you my blogging experiences – how to earn money from it so you can do it too.

I once read a saying that goes like this:  You can get whatever you want if you help other people get what they want.  I believe this is true in all aspects of life.  The only way to succeed is to help other people succeed: to help and share what you know with others.