Spring Break Money Blues

With eight weeks, including finals left in the Kansas State University Spring semester, many students are facing money issues after Spring Break.

Many students go on extravagant Spring Breaks that can often cost upwards of $500, so it’s not uncommon for the last half of the semester to be a tough one, financially.

“Even though we planned out everything and paid expenses before hand, you never know what can happen,” Sophomore at Kansas State University Eryn Carter said. “Between emergencies, travel fees, and fun money, my bank account is tapped out. It was a great time though, and memories are worth more than the money I spent.”

Spring Break can get even more expensive when unplanned things pop up like, your car breaking down, having to pay for hotels that you didn’t plan for.

“I went on a cruise to the Bahamas for Spring Break and we drove down to Florida to get on the boat. While we budgeted for our trip, we didn’t expect the car we took to break down, and because of that we ended up spending almost $200 more than we planned,” Senior at Kansas State University Kylie Blythe said. “That doesn’t seem like a lot of money but when you’re a broke college student, it can really hurt you.”

There are many different websites and articles that give tips on how to save money while you’re in college, even after an expensive Spring Break trip.