My Top Food Ingredients To Stay Away From!

Most of us have our guilty pleasures and things we don’t necessarily want to change. Especially if you’ve had these habits for awhile, it’s much more difficult for anyone to persuade you otherwise. With that being said, I thought I would make a list of items that are most likely to be the main culprits in contributing to an expanding wasteline. These ingredients have the capactiy to effect your health in a severe way. I’ve also noticed these compounds often cause the most struggles among the majority of my clients or in individuals that seek out my advice. Some things, no matter how much we enjoy them, really aren’t worth our health and well being.
From my experience these foods or ingredients often border on outright unhealthy and can be “scary.”


Can I have a teaspoon of Type II Diabetes, please?

Refined sugars should be avoided for many reasons. However, the primary problem here is they quickly spike your insulin levels and as a result, can depress the immune system, weaken your ability to fight disease, and over time can contribute to Type II Diabetes. Furthermore, excess sugar can cause weight gain and promote the storage of body fat. Refined sugars provide you with no vitamins or minerals, so in order for them to be metabolized, they draw on the body’s reserves of vitamins and minerals, depleting your body’s nutrients. To satisfy that occasional sweet tooth, I recommend you opt for foods that are naturally sweetened with fruit or honey.

Soda (Even Diet)

Drinking soda is a terrible and ineffective way to hydrate oneself. Study after study has demonstrated that soda or pop is an ineffective way to re-hydrate. These soft drinks are often full of sugar or artificial sweeteners and usually contain caffeine, artificial colors, and flavors. Not trying to throw my Dad under the bus here, but, he’s been a devoted diet soda drinker for years now! He also has had several painful battles with kidney stones. I am not claiming that the diet soda or soda in general is to blame, however, the lack of water and proper hydration is a likely catlayst for the kidney struggles he has faced. It’s hard to convince your “father” that you know things he doesn’t. In his defense he has gotten a whole lot better since I consistently remind him of all the negative effects it can have. Lastly, have you ever checked out the nutrition facts on the back of a popular regular soda brand? They are almost always loaded with empty calories. Bottom line let’s not drink our calories people!

One unique substitute, homemade soda, by mixing sparkling water with fresh lemon or lime, you have a nice refreshing treat.

Hydrogenated Fats

These are mostly man-made fats used in bakery items and stick margarine. Often referred to as Trans fats, studies have shown that it isn’t so much how much fat there is in your diet that causes problems, as to what kind of fat; and hydrogenated fats are by far the worst. Please avoid buying cookies, crackers, baked goods, or anything else that has hydrogenated oil on the ingredient list. Further evidence of this problem is that the Government several years ago required companies and food manufacturers to include Trans fat numbers in their nutrition facts. Red flag right there. Further evidence of the danger of these fats can be found when looking at the Food and Drug Administration’s statements on the matter. They have a mandate for companies to remove all Trans Fats from their foods in the near future. Let’s try to motivate these companies to remove this heart-clogging substance immediately by choosing companies and brands who are avoiding the use of this ingredient in their products. Please do not underestimate how loudly consumer spending speaks to manufacturers, makes a resounding impact.


This one item has the potential for more problems than all the rest put together in my opinion. Most of us understand the dangers of addiction and alcohol dependence on our health, so I see no need to go there. And of course, it is possible to consume alcohol safely and wisely with moderation. It’s the moderation that people often seem to struggle with the most. The problem and solution has become quickly apparent when I have presented Clients with this little test. Keep your diet the exact same, just minimize alcohol consumption for a month. I cannot tell you how many people see a tangible drop in their waist size almost immediately. Regrettably, many people don’t realize how calolorie dense alcohol truly is.

So in closing, what to do about these potential pitfalls of health and diet? You have all heard it before, but there is validity to this old adage, everything in moderation. The problem is that unfortunately most of the items above are not consumed that way by the average person, hence the detrimental effects these particular ingredients have on one’s health over time. Friendly warning, steer clear or at least minimize consumption, or be prepared that there could be severe consequences.

Thanks for being apart of my journey!