Who Will Deliver Your Baby In Bethpage OB/GYN Obstetrics

Each pregnancy is precious and requires your cooperation and good health. At Bethpage OB/GYN, they offer complete prenatal care from your first visit through the day of delivery. They will monitor the development of your unborn baby, and provide you with your own health care requirements including diet and exercise.

We are pleased to offer in-office ultrasonography which is readily available, eliminating the need to travel to another office. Results are read, interpreted and shared with the patients immediately so you will understand your condition before you leave our office. We hold the prestigious American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) certification and are proud of our registered medical sonographers(RMS).

Is your Pregnancy High-Risk?

At the first or second visit, your pregnancy will be classified as either regular or high risk. If your pregnancy is classified as high risk, you may need specialized care beyond the routine and usual. We will consider your past history, review your medical problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma or history of pre-term labor and plan your care accordingly. We welcome twins and triplets as well as previous cesarean sections. We provide genetic counseling for mothers who are over 35 or for those who have a positive result on their AFP test. If amniocentesis is required, the procedure is performed right here in our office.

Dr. Robert R. Weiss is a board certified perinatal obstetrician with many years of experience. Together with the clinical staff, he will personally review your records on a regular basis and help plan the safest courses of care for your pregnancy.

Who Will Deliver Your Baby? The choice is yours. . ..

Advances in technology and modern philosophy enable today’s women to have a variety of choices. At Bethpage OB/GYN we want you to enjoy these choices. Our staff of specialists offer you their skills and services to meet your personal needs.

OB/GYN specialist – Are the masters of health care for women, practicing obstetrics and gynecology, they are well qualified to deliver your baby by normal delivery or cesarean section.

Where Will You Deliver Your Baby?

Again, the choice is yours. . . . .

Traditionally, most women deliver in a hospital with a husband or another coach in the delivery room for assistance. Winthrop University Hospital and North Shore University Hospital at Plainview have birthing rooms which provide a home environment with hospital safety.

For women with serious medical complications or pre-term labor, we advise delivery in a tertiary care hospital, a large university medical center which includes a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. We use Winthrop University Hospital for pregnancy complications and delivery of very high-risk pregnancies.

Whom do you choose? Where do you deliver? At Bethpage OB/GYN we make it easy. Please discuss your options during your prenatal visit