Losing Body Fat With Minimal Cardio

I don’t know about you but I’ve spent years obsessing over cardio training; thinking it was the ONLY way to get and stay lean.  Since giving birth to my Son, I have committed to more weight training, minimal cardio, and emphasizing diet as the catalyst for maximizing body fat loss and lean muscle gains .  I think my, and countless others results, have demonstrated that if you want less body fat you could be spending more time weight training, and ,much less time with endless hours on your favorite cardio equipment.  And before you ask, YES, cardio has its place for general health, and increasing metabolic efficiency.  However, proper nutrition and weight lifting have delivered the best results for me and my Client’s.

Only one day a week of HIIT cardio over the last 8 months! In conclusion, for those of you out there falling into the cardio trap, please take a minute to evaluate your fitness program.  Your Body is quick to adapt and progress can and will be stunted.  There’s a better way!

Here’s my weekly training schedule-

Sunday – REST DAY or HIIT cardio x 30 minutes


Tuesday – LEGS


Thursday – ABS/PLYOMETRICS/STRETCHING or HITT cardio x 30 minutes

Friday – BACK

Saturday – LEGS