Who Is India Love Westbrooks & Why Is She Famous?

Meet India Love Westbrooks..

She’s a young California native who has been taking over the social sites Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram by storm over the past couple years with hardly any effort.

The Santiago High School beauty –Yes, you read that correctly, she’s still in High School (Pervs! lol)– has created a huge following on social networks, and is widely known as the ultimate internet vixen…

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With over 30,000 people following her on twitter,  61,000 gawking at her on Instagram, multiple fan sites, and lord knows how many people she has following her on Tumblr. As you can tell,  india has created quite a name for herself on the internet.

Oh, and you wouldn’t believe how serious her fans are about some India Love. India’s fans are hardcore and often tweet her things like “How does it feel to wake up & be as beautiful as you?”, and “Before i die , i must get a DM from the most gorgeous girl on planet !”…. Yeah, It’s THAT serious.

Local celebs like Karrueche Tran , Seiko Huffman ( Kae’s bff & former BET reality star) and other stars have taken notice of young aspiring model ( side note: we say young because India chooses not to reveal her age, but many of her fans have revealed that she’s only 16-17 years old) and have taken her in as a little sis.

India Westbrooks has got a brand on her hands and she is capitalizing on her popularity with her family. Guess that’s a smart thing to do when you have 4 other sisters and 2 brothers who are just as good-looking, right?

Well, meet the Westbrooks….

After India began to skyrocket to internet fame, most of her fans began to ask about her family. As the youngest girl of the bunch, fans were eager to know about her other sisters and india did not disappoint. Her sister Crystal Westbrook –who is a little more private– began to catch more attention and photos of the her and india together began to spread like wild-fire on Tumblr.

Morgan is also an entrepreneur and owns her own Tanning Salon in the I.E and works with the family business — which is a company that sells blunt wraps.

The Westbrook girls all have their own things going on right now. Crystal just graduated from Santiago High School, Brooke and Bree are both mothers to young children, India is finishing High school and is getting sponsored by various up and coming clothing brands in California, and Morgan is pushing 50,000 followers on twitter and 30,000 on instagram just showing off her tats and taking photo’s for a living. She also gets sponsored by various new clothing designers who are eager to have their stuff in front of thousands of fans each day.

All Photos credit:MommyIsTattedd twitter