Falling in Love with a Prostitute

Prostitution is abundant in developing countries, not only for poverty reasons but for reasons of making a quick buck. Many people live for today and choose the compulsive easy way. While prostitution is definitely not the easy way in the long run, many of these girls act so compulsively without weighing the pro’s and con’s of the situation. Any statements made that prostitution is poverty based only are false at best in a compulsive live for today society.

Many foreign men will sooner or later find themselves in a place that is laced with prostitutes. It might just be by chance, or it could be that the normal date didn’t work out earlier, or maybe they just want to experiment one of the free nights they have during the trip. Some places are not prostitution houses but many working girls show up due to the major foreign traffic going through, in essence guys that would otherwise have nothing to do with working girls, end up being around them for other reasons which creates a temptation. Not only a temptation but many of these girls are seasoned experts. They are professional in figuring out how men are wired, how to get that money. At the Del Ray Hotel in Costa Rica, some of the Colombian Prostitutes are truly beautiful, far from the poverty stricken drugged out persona some people give them. These girls are sporting $100.00 plus Studio F jeans, Chanel among many other top brands, with decent cars and apartments waiting for them upon return to their homes in Medellin or Pereira.

I have been sitting in the Del Ray having a Fish and Chips basket with some friends and one of these girls casually stops by to say hello, while saying hello drops her hand under the table to grab your dick which can be extremely difficult to resist. Just think, its been a long exhausting day and all of a sudden a hot, great smelling, seemingly sweet girl comes over and throws you a penis massage under the table totally unexpected. Iv’e been there and to pay the 20 bucks to finish the job is a no brainer when traveling to countries like this, where prostitution is more open.

The problem is that many foreign men will do the above more times then not and in the process start to get infatuated with one of these girls in particular. Very easily happens, some of them are literally irresistible and can be very sweet to know and talk to. The foreign man has never experienced a girl like this ever, on top of it the girl is overly affectionate even while not being sexual. Basically the guy becomes blown away and begins making dates with this very same prostitute as she gracefully agrees. At this point the gringo or foreign man thinks he can and will change her heavily manipulative ways.

In the years living in Colombia, I can say that I have seen this very thing happen at least 15 times. It’s a trap that works so smoothly and well. They have the tools to work and couple that with a gringo that has never tasted beautiful women like this, the combination is lethal. It becomes so convenient for the gringo that it almost doesn’t make sense to continue with the slightly more complex dating sites. He now has a 9 or 10 bending over with a full arch that doesn’t even charge him anymore. He feels as though she has also fell in love with him. They will stop charging in hopes that he already knows that she needs money and will begin to pay her things for her. She may throw in a casual, “tonight I have to go work” in an effort for the gringo to say, no baby don’t worry about it, i’ll take care of you.

Even though she stops charging him, the amount of money for her upkeep is astounding and ends up running the guy even more money than what he would be paying for the normal services. If they go to the mall, she will talk him into some things while shopping, she will get all of her meals out with him, he will pay her to stop her from going in to work and banging all the other men those evenings. He feels as if he can change her life from that moment on, while she gracefully acts as if she is deeply in love with him.

This is manipulation at it’s best and works very well. It has to do with the culture mix, it has to do with the beauty factor, it has to do with the sweetness and the insane amount of affection, the way she will talk to you, the way she takes off your pants at the hotel like no other girl has done to you before.

Yes, so what’s the big deal if I love her and want to marry her? 9 out of 10 times it will not work. While she may stop having sex with others for money, the manipulation factor will never go away. She will manipulate you in an effort to get what she wants. Remember that more so than a sex worker she is a professional in manipulating men into giving her money, sex is just a small part of it to her. Most likely draining your wallet constantly like a slow brewing coffee drip. For the early moments it seems fine, but will soon become an impossible feat as the amounts get higher.

While I have known a few working girls that married, 2 of which are still married to guys in Italy. I also have met several that quickly divorced shortly after the trial period of marrying prostitutes.

What do you guys think? Can you marry a prostitute and be happy?