The Younger/Older Relationship: A Different Perspective

There are numerous stories about ‘older male/younger female’ relationships. Coladmin has written many times on here about the opportunities that await because of how the Colombian society does not ‘brow-beat’ those who enter into such relationships. As a matter of fact, it seems that it is something to attain from the female’s point of view because the older man is more stable and secure in his job and his desire for a spouse. A good example is the ‘trials and travails’ of Coladmin’s ‘wingman’ Patrick, who married a woman several years younger than him from the Dominican Republic.

I am personally having an opportunity to experience this myself. I found a woman who is over 20 years younger than me. Never in my life would I have dreamt that a younger lady would show interest in me, the venerable Adonis, (not!), in a million years! But lo and behold, there it is.

But me being the eternal pessimist, I quickly began thinking way ahead of the game. Should we make it past the novia/novio stage and decide to become married, what would the future hold for us? For me?

Nature has a way of taking away those physical attributes that us men hold near and dear, (it’s already working its ‘black magic’ on me as I type). Though there are many ‘I do’s’ embedded in the vows of matrimony, it might be worthwhile to ponder the future before making a mess of two lives. In my case, things will be happening twenty years before they begin with my wife (to be).

So I came up with a few questions to ask, should others decide to enter into this realm. These are by no stretch of the imagination the definitive questions and I am sure there are more. I would ask her to think about them. If she gives you an immediate answer, then I would be cautious as to the motives of the relationship. These are indeed, thought provoking questions about life together and how it relates to both of you.

I would like to hear comments and maybe from those who are already in this kind of situation.


Are you willing to sit and discuss things at the first sign of trouble/argument in the marriage/relationship?

Will you stay with me if I become infirm or disabled?

Can I count on you to take care of me if I am no longer able to do so for myself?

Will you remain faithful to me even though I can no longer sexually satisfy you?

Can I trust you to look after me and make sure my needs are tended to when I no longer can do it?