A Newsletter From The Stowe Elementary School Principal

This is ​a newsletter from the Stowe Elementary School Principal, Mr. Richard M. Smiles


Keys to Success

1. Respect yourself 2. Respect others 3. Do your personal best

Habits of Mind

Persisting, Listening with understanding and empathy, Thinking about your thinking, Questioning and posing problems, ​Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision, Creating, imagining, and innovating, Taking responsible risks, Thinking interdependently, Managing impulsivity, Thinking flexibly, Striving for accuracy, Applying past knowledge to new situations, Gathering data through all senses, Responding with wonderment and awe, Finding Humor, Remaining open to continuous learning

Puppets in Education

Presentations for K­3 Students:
K ­ Cultural Diversity
Grade 1 and 2 ­ Bully Prevention and Cultural Diversity
Grade 3 ­ Bully Prevention and Learning Differences

On Demand Writing Prompt We will be administering the ODWP to grades 3­5 this and/or next week. Students respond to a writing prompt this fall and to another prompt in a different genre in early spring. Their writing will be assessed by teams of LSSU teachers who are trained and calibrated scorers. Results will be reported to you when they are available.

Here’s a CHALLENGE on which you can collaborate with your Uncle Bob and /or Aunt Jean during Thanksgiving. We will award an SES “Got Habits?” hat to the first person who responds with correct answers on 30 November.

1. Which is larger … ENGLAND or NEW ENGLAND?
2. What is the most common name in the world… JOHN or MUHAMMAD?
3. Was actress Tuesday Weld born on … TUESDAY or FRIDAY?
4. Who had more wives… KING HENRY VIII of England or MICKEY ROONEY?
5. Who won more Nobel Prizes… ALBERT EINSTEIN or MARIE CURIE?
6. Is Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s maiden name… O’CONNOR or DAY?
7. How many children did George Washington, “The Father of his Country,”have… SIX or NONE?
8. During what war was the first Purple Heart awarded… WORLD WAR II or THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION?
9. Was the legendary Trojan Horse filled with … TROJANS or GREEKS?
10. Does the “D” in D­Day stand for … DUNKIRK or DAY?

Basketball­ PTO Program
Practice Schedule:
1st & 2nd Grade Boys and Girls:
3/4/5 grade girls: Mondays & Wednesdays 3­4:30pm
3/4 grade Boys: Wednesdays & Fridays 3­4:30pm
5/6 grade boys: Tuesdays & Thursdays 3­4:30pm
Games are all mid week. The schedule will be emailed by your team manager
Thanksgiving week.
The program is starting isseason at the end of November. It isn’t too late to sign up!
This is a parent volunteer run program and can only exist with the help of parents. We are looking for team managers, referees, score keepers, and assistant coaches. We are also still looking for a boys grade 3 and 4 coach. If we cannot find a coach, the 3rd and 4th grade boys will not get to play

“We are constituted so that simple act of kindness, such as giving to charity or expressing gratitude, have a positive effect on our long-term moods. The key to a happy life, it seems, is the good life: a life with sustained relationships, challenging work, and connections to community.”-Paul Bloom