El Monte-Rosemead Adult School Classes – Business And Finance

El Monte-Rosemead Adult School Classes: BUSINESS AND FINANCE

CTE Business Career Sequence Certificates
Students seeking a Career Sequence Certificate must complete the courses listed below. It is recommended that the courses be taken in the order that is listed for each sequence. Students will be required to complete an industry recognized certification for the occupational field they wish to pursue.


Students will learn to key numbers using the 10-key touch pad system on the computer with speed, proficiency, and accuracy. Using realistic office skills, student will develop the machine skills necessary in business.

Accounting Principles
This accounting course incorporates both beginning and advanced accounting concepts, principles and procedures for all business types such as sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations. Course covers accounting cycle for a service business, merchandising business, corporations and non-profit organizations. Instruction includes journals, ledgers, financial statements, inventory methods, payroll, plant asset depreciation, uncollectible accounts, notes and interest, accrued revenue/ expenses, cost accounting, manufacturing accounting and computerized accounting methods. NO PRE-REQUISITES REQUIRED.

Computerized Accounting – Quickbooks 2015
This Computerized Business Accounting is designed to introduce computerized accounting concepts and applied instruction using Quickbooks 2015 version software. Activities include creating a company, chart of accounts, creating and editing customers, vendors, employees and inventory lists, recording transactions, bank reconciliation and financial reports. Advanced activities include sales tax items, payroll, adjusting entries, transaction memorization, budgeting and reporting business activities. Emphasis is placed on adapting familiar personal financial concepts to business situations.

Payroll Records and Procedures
Students will complete a comprehensive study of payroll records and procedures. Instruction will include analyzing time cards and records, methods of computing earnings, payroll registers, employee earnings records, check writing procedures and basic federal and state tax form completion. Students will also be working on a payroll clerk practice simulation to further reinforce understanding of the payroll cycle. QuickBooks (2015 version) payroll component will be used to understand how to automate the payroll records.

Business English
This course will incorporate sentence structure, spelling and vocabulary, reading, writing, capitalization, punctuation, communication skills and how to identify the different parts of speech. Students will also use communication skills to make clear decisions and solve problems in the workplace.

Business Skills
This course is designed to help attain knowledge of basic office concepts and develop general office skills needed in today’s workplace. Topics include customer service skills, telephone techniques, office equipment, proofreading skills, and office correspondence.

This comprehensive course provides an introduction to the field of records management. Areas covered include rules and methods of storing and retrieving alphabet, subject, numeric, and geographic records. Electronic records file management will also be introduced.

Office Procedures
This comprehensive skills-based hands-on course helps students further their office administration skills performing general office functions, preparing documents, managing information, enhancing communications and interpersonal skills, web conferencing, and using critical-thinking skills to make effective decisions.

Computer Literacy
This course is designed for individuals who have no prior computer experience. This is an entry-level hands-on course where students will be introduced to basic computer terminology, the graphical environment of Microsoft Windows, file management, word processing, spreadsheets and the Internet. This course is recommended for all computer based courses.

This is intended for individuals who desire to develop typing skills using desktop computers. It is also recommended for students who want to enrich their present typing skills in order to meet their career sequence typing speed requirement. Techniques will include: hand placement, alphabetical keys, numbers/symbols row timed writing tests, proofreading and emphasis on speed and accuracy.

Job Preparation & Advancement
This course will include areas such as work diplomacy ethics, interpersonal skills, self-esteem, interview attire, job applications, and proper interview performance. Computer competency skills are required in order to create a portfolio which will include a personal mission statement, cover letter, resume, reference sheet along with a thank you letter and resignation letter.

Introduction to Public Safety – School Security Officer
This course is designed to meet the SB1626 and Education Code 38001.5 for security training for school security, K-12 and community college, including ROP/adult education.

The Career Center is available to current enrolled students of the El Monte-Rosemead Adult School. The Career Center offers the following services: Resume Writing/Cover Letter Writing, Job Interview Preparation, Career Exploration, and Job Listings. The Career Center offers typing test for a fee of $20.00.