K-State Students Win 2nd Place In Kansas Association Of Broadcasters Student Awards Competition

Three journalism students at Kansas State University were awarded 2nd place in this years documentary category at the Kansas Association of Broadcasters Student Awards.

For the competition, Meagan Miller, Daniela Leon, and Lindsay Rhoades created a multimedia project, in their media coverage class, about sex trafficking on a local level. The idea for the project first came them when they had realized that sex trafficking was being covered in the news across the nation and wanted to know how it was being addressed on a local level; more imminently the Manhattan area itself.
“Like many others, I originally thought sex trafficking mainly happened internationally but after hearing about arrests for this crime in Junction City area I wanted to know more.”, said Miller.

Years prior to this project, group member Lindsay Rhoades, had interviewed a local Manhattan resident, Kristen Tebow , about her personal experience as a victim of sex trafficking. Luckily, Kristen was once again willing to help Miller, Leon, and Rhoades by sharing her story to potentially the entire state of Kansas. Tebow was exposed to the world of sex trafficking in 2006 for over a year and a half.

Miller, Leon, and Rhoades spent countless hours over a multiple month time spam creating this project. Within that time period, they met with Kristen many times, making this a very personal experience for every group member including Kristen as she relived those scaring memories.

“…It definitely hit home since our victim was a K-State student….It made me realize that this isn’t just a global issue it’s a local issue and it definitely needs to be addressed. “, said Leon about her feelings towards this subject/project. Besides their faint hearts, the group was absolutely ecstatic about placing second in the competition. Their efforts were being recognized and they reached their initial goal: to bring awareness to local residents and hopefully prevent any other tragedies like this from happening again.

The teams winning project, Kristen’s story, and more information about sex trafficking can be accessed at The Kristen Tebow Story . If you or a loved one is a K-State student and has experience anything traumatic please visit the Counseling Services for more support by either clicking the link or visiting the on campus location.