Water And Light Cuts To Those Who Do Not Pay In Public Housing

The executive director of the Water and Sewer Authority (AAA) and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Electric Power Authority (ESA), Jose Ortiz, today ordered an operation to begin cutting the electricity and water services to public housing residents who do not pay the fixed fee that was imposed by law.

It was learned yesterday, about 30,000 subscribers of the AAA in public housing have failed to pay the $ 19.76 monthly fee was imposed as fixed.

“Attempt to 20.000 ways, that is gone with Housing managers to help us with the collection, has tried to make the federal government pays the money that is given in subsidy in its income for water utilities light, either, “he said in radio interview (NotiUno).

He immediately reported to the situation “frustrating” that cross the AAA and the ESA “there is no choice to begin the courts.”

“I gave instructions to proceed with the cuts because he sent a letter to Housing people who are cut service,” he added.

In addition, Ortiz said he sought the Department of Housing take action “serious” against defaulters, such as eviction from the property. This measure will ask for the AAA because it costs about $ 2,000 to recover debts of $ 200 to $ 300, he said.

“If they leave us alone and Housing does not act as strong and firm so let’s keep this up,” said the manager of the AAA and the ESA.