Lil Debbie Gets Sexy For “Slot Machine” Music Video, Talks Haters, Music & More (Interview)

“I mean as long as someone is hating on me, people are looking.”Lil Debbie

Lil Debbie is ready to occupy that wide open lane for a west coast female rapper on the scene and she is going full steam ahead with her new single, Slot Machine, which will be on her upcoming EP California Sweetheart dropping March 25th.

We had a chance to catch up with the Bay area beauty of the set of her new music video and we dug into her new EP, her unique style, how she handles all the “haters” and a whole lot more.

On what to expect from her California Sweeheart EP:

“California Sweetheart is…We’ll what it’s not is “Michele Obama”, It’s not White Girl Mob, It’s not Riff Raff, It’s not Squirt, it’s not “Gotta Ball”, It’s me and I’m really excited to get it out because I’ve been working on it for about a year now and I’m excited because people may feel like i might be tough or I might be ghetto or I might be ratchet and I’m not. I mean to an extent I am, but I’m a very sweet, kind, loving girl. “

While Lil Debbie certainly isn’t the same chick we remember silently playing the background in the now defunct White Girl Mob from a few years ago, the now 24-year-old rapper is back rollin solo dolo and doesn’t give a damn about what the haters have to say about it.

On what motivates her:

“Just like the media bullsh*t, like, when I get on twitter or I see all the hatred I get on instagram..people don’t get it yet and I don’t understand why they don’t get it like hate is fuel to my fire. Like, dead ass, I wouldn’t be sh*t that I am today if without every single person that hated on me. You guys probably think that I don’t see the sh*t you say to me…I f*ckin see it. I mark that sh*t down and I keep it the f*ck movin and I’m gettin cash in other states. It’s like literally, the hate on instagram, the hate on twitter, that’s my motivation. Pure hatred is my motivation. I love it. I eat it up. It’s like “yo I gotta keep this sh*t goin”. It’s like I’m getting a reaction. It might not be a good one but it’s still there. As long as someone is hating on me, people are looking.”

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