Matt Bellassai: Internet Drunk Writer Actual People’s Choice Award Winner

Matt Bellassai is an internet drunk, writer, Actual People’s Choice Award Winner, he write about boys & butts & Beyoncé, he has 18700 tweets, 317,000 followers on twitter, 1,565,277 likes and 1,551,956 followers on facebook. Matt Bellassai writes about cute boys, gives boozy advice, cries over Beyoncé and aspires to Oprah-hood. There are 13 Completely Useless, Mildly Interesting Biographical Facts about him.

1. My first concert was the Chicago stop of the joint Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken show, “The Independent Tour,” which I attended with my entire family. I held a sign my mother made me make professing her love for Clay’s pet chihuahua “Raleigh.”

2. I’ve thrown up exactly three times from drinking alcohol: Once in a cab after drinking an entire pitcher of Long Island Iced Teas at my first night at a gay bar. Again in my own bed. And again on a friend’s couch and slightly on her cat.

3. The first meal I ate in New York City was a Subway sandwich in a hotel bed with the curtains drawn.

4. I joined a bowling league in 7th grade and competed with a ball I affectionately named “Debbie.“

5. I’ve never eaten Ramen noodles.

6. In college, I ran for student body president and lost to a real estate major from Florida.

7. I spent an entire summer as the star player on a record-losing all-women church volleyball team.

8. In 2004, I broke my left arm attempting to throw a frisbee from a moving scooter. This was my last attempt at athletics.

9. My first gay crush was Erik von Detten who played Wally in the film adaptation of “Leave It To Beaver,” wherein he heroically saves his brother from a giant steaming coffee cup.

10. I lost the 4th grade spelling bee by misspelling the word “squirrel” and have since harbored a deep and vengeful resentment of all bushy-tailed rodents.

11. I played Storyteller Number 3 in the 7th grade production of “Once On This Island.”

12. I was MVP of the 2008 Alan B. Shepard High School Mathletes team.

13. I cried when I first saw “Jumanji” in theaters.

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