Sean Allen: A Rochester Business Person

Sean Allen is a Rochester business person dedicated to the vibrancy and continued growth of Rochester while meeting the needs of all residents.

Sean grew up in Northfield, MN and graduated from St. Olaf College in 1993. After college, Sean served in the Peace Corps in Paraguay for more than two years, learning to speak Guarani and fluent Spanish. While in the Peace Corps, Sean developed relationships with the people in Cerro Costa, Santa Maria, Paraguay and assisted them in the creation and development of a potable water well for the community.

Upon his return from Peace Corps, Sean ran a homeless shelter in Northfield. Sean was named to the Northfield Planning Commission and was the chair of the commission in 1999.

His interest in development issues was piqued by his Peace Corps and Planning Commission experiences, and Sean joined the staff of Three Rivers Community Action in Zumbrota in 1997 as the Community Development Director. Sean worked on a variety of affordable housing projects in Southeast Minnesota.

In 2001, Sean was asked to join the Rochester Area Foundation staff to lead the First Homes Initiative. As executive director of First Homes, Sean oversaw the creation and financing of more than 1000 workforce housing units. In addition, Sean developed the Imagine Kutzky initiative with Kutzky neighbors and through First Homes invested more than $20 million in the Kutzky Park neighborhood. Sean is still an active member of Imagine Kutzky, an organization that advocates for great urban design in the core neighborhoods.

Since 2012, Sean has worked to build a private real estate development company with co-owner Kellie Mueller. Midwest Landing is a boutique real estate brokerage focused on core neighborhood redevelopment and context-rich development projects with progressive clients.

Sean is also co-owner and internal consultant to the Kutzky Market/Forager Brewery along with partner and co-owner Annie Henderson. Forager Brewery is a brewpub located on 6th Street NW in Rochester and is committed to community building through locally sourced and crafted food and beverages.

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Our Future
Rochester needs a stronger, more visionary leader for our city’s future. Sean is running to represent an independent voice on our City Council. By leveraging our community’s special, healthcare-oriented assets to make Rochester a leader in innovative community health, by improving collaboration between the DMC effort and the broader Rochester community, and by streamlining and making more accessible government processes, we can make Rochester an even more remarkable place for not only those who visit, but also for those of us who call this great city our home.

Community Health
A healthy community makes healthy living a priority. It takes advantage of opportunities to develop our city infrastructure in order to promote strong public schools, affordable housing, innovative alternative transportation, award winning parks and trails, public safety and collaboration between City and County departments.

Destination Medical Center
The DMC initiative is transforming Rochester and will continue to do so for the better part of a generation. The City needs a leader who understands DMC’s enormous capacity for positive change and who is prepared to advocate for all of Rochester in the midst of such change.

We need stronger, innovative leadership to drive meaningful changes in the community, and a leader listens attentively to all of Rochester’s citizens and not just to the special interests.