The Team Products The Nonfiction Film

The team is currently in production on the nonfiction film (and already traveling to film and pop festivals with the acclaimed preview), El Viaje Musical de Ezekiel Montanez: The Chris Montez Story, and is awaiting release of the nonfiction film, The Seventh Python, about musical satirist and Monty Python collaborator Neil Innes, and distributed by the Little Film Company.

Frozen Pictures’ first feature film was the beach volleyball comedy Cloud 9, starring Burt Reynolds, DL Hughley, Angie Everhart and Gary Busey and written and produced by Hudson, Kearns and Academy Award-winning producer (The Godfather, Million Dollar Baby) Albert S. Ruddy.

Hudson and Kearns first collaborated as producers of Miramax Television’s first reality venture, The Best Money Can Buy.

The ABC Television entertainment pilot and special was derailed when Harvey Weinstein got in a tussle with ABC over his animated version of Clerks, but Hudson and Kearns moved on to make an auspicious and audacious debut with their groundbreaking Court TV miniseries, Adults Only: The Secret History of The Other Hollywood.

The three-hour examination of crime and the porn industry won record-setting ratings when it premiered in 2001 and would be used by Court TV execs to boost Sweeps ratings for years to come.

The series was also the blueprint for the best-selling book, The Other Hollywood, by host Legs McNeil, as well as model for the feature films Inside Deep Throat and Wonderland.

Swift on the heels of Adults Only was The Secret History of Rock ‘n’ Roll with Gene Simmons. The hour-long special that featured Simmons‘ appearance next to a Kiss coffin in his garage and a point-of-view re-enactment of rapper Vanilla Ice being dangled from a hotel room balcony, exposed many unknown facts about rock’s criminal side and launched Simmons’ transition from long-tongued rock star to lovably sexist reality television star.

Frozen helped rewrite history in 2003 with their miniseries for Bravo, All The Presidents’ Movies. A lively, clip-filled revelation of secrets from the White House and Camp David theatres, it included appearances by political and show business heavyweights including Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Jack Valenti, James Earl Jones, Robert Duvall, David O. Russell, Cliff Robertson and George Stevens, Jr.

The series was narrated by real-life president Martin Sheen. Well, at least he played a president on TV.

Described as “powerful, wonderful, tremendous television” by The Hollywood Reporter, Presidents went on to international markets, including Japan, but has seen its DVD release delayed into the next administration.

Eighty-four former virgins lined up over the two seasons of Frozen Pictures’ Showtime docudrama series, My First Time.

With a stylish and again boundary-pushing combination of videotaped interviews and feature-quality filmed dramatizations, the series brought viewers to specific times and places throughout the 20th Century as those eighty-four women related the stories of their first sexual experiences.

The 26-episode series made its debut on Showtime in 2004, featured dozens of adult film stars in their first and only mainstream, um, “performances,” led to a successful Off-Broadway play, and began a successful collaboration between Frozen and an established production company from an older generation.

The Ruddy Morgan Organization was the silent partner in My First Time. The second time, they shared billing and credit on Frozen Pictures’ first feature film. The beach volleyball comedy Cloud 9 was written and produced by Hudson, Kearns and Academy Award-winning producer (The Godfather, Million Dollar Baby) Albert S. Ruddy.

Cloud 9 was released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment DVD in 2006 and has since become a hit worldwide, and a staple on pay cable television. Frozen Pictures produced all the DVD extras, including the acclaimed featurette, Hoosiers Meets Hooters: Behind Cloud 9; and Directing A Rumble: Burt Reynolds Fight Club.

After the experience of making Cloud 9 on the beaches near their homes, the Frozen team developed several more features with Ruddy, including an update of his classic TV comedy, Hogan’s Heroes, before moving on to finance their own original scripts and productions, including the horror thriller, Psych House and the topical comedy, Live from The Gaza Strip.

In 2007, Frozen Pictures produced Basketball Man, a nonfiction film about the life and legacy of James Naismith, who invented the game, and his grandson, Ian, a burly one-eyed Texan who drives around the country in a battered RV, carting the original rules—which happen to be worth $20 million– in a golden briefcase.

Basketball Man, which features many legends and stars of the game, including the last interview with Red Auerbach, is available in a deluxe two-DVD set. And no, they didn’t kill him.

Post production on The Seventh Python also began in 2007, the same year that saw the debut of The Venice Walk, an Internet webisode series produced and directed by veteran actor Robert Hegyes, under the Frozen Pictures banner.

Frozen also continued filming a reality series featuring Lindsay Lohan’s ex-con evangelist father, Michael, which scared off every network executive in the business, delighted Perez Hilton, and, and after its leaked trailer became an Internet sensation, is being worked in various platforms, including a nonfiction feature film on the perilous lure of fame.

The summer of 2008 saw the world premiere of The Seventh Python, as the film was selected to open the American Cinematheque’s prestigious Mods & Rockers Film Festival at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. The two-day event, which included a special concert by film subject Neil Innes, was followed a month later by a special screening for a crowd of more than a thousand at the Fest for Beatles Fans in Chicago.

Frozen Pictures is now in production on El Viaje Musical de Ezekiel Montanez: The Chris Montez Story, about singer Chris Montez. Special previews of the film have already won over crowds at Beatles fan fests in Chicago and the New York metro area, the Paso Robles Digital Film Festival, and in May 2010, The Pacific Palisades Film Festival.

It continues in the television comedy realm with the American Dunkleman project, while continuing to develop and produce other comedy and reality television projects and films like The Klinik.