The Women Who Create Women’s Fashion Wear In Iran

Naghmeh Kiumarsi is one of the leading designers of women’s fashion wear in Iran. She compounds elements of traditional and modern to create her avant-garde creations.

How everything started for you in the field of fashion and design?

Everything started very early, when I was a little girl. In my tiny world, I was kindled by the art of painting and drawing. I always drew and designed for myself. Grandma and aunt were my inspiration. They encouraged me and guided me to free myself through my drawings. It took a while for me to gather my courage and put my drawings to a public show. It was not easy at first but I was relieved when I saw the positive feedback from the audience.

What are your major sources of inspiration?

Well, I think a combination of sentiments from everyday life plus a touch of my roots make me who I am. My designs are a depiction of who I am in that particular moment of creation. There are many personal and social triggers that bring about novel feelings in me and every new piece is an external expression of that internal sensation.

Do you accept that a part of the uniqueness of your designs come from Iranian culture? 

I am more than proud to feel the cultural impacts in my works. I live in a country with more than five thousand years of history, civilization and culture. This rich background is nothing I could deny. In fact, I love the liaison of modern cuts with traditional textiles and patterns. I sometimes think that connecting contemporary aesthetics and antique ingenuity is a part of what I am delivering to fashion art as a modern Iranian designer tightly attached to where she belongs.

You’re now working with European designers and participating in international fashion shows, where do you want to take your brand? What’s the dream for your brand?

The world was never connected like this before. Blending European design with influences from Persian culture is my contribution to fashion industry.

This territory is almost untouched and I truly believe it can blow fresh air to the fashion industry and believe me, I have just scratched the surface – Naghmeh Kiumarsi

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