The Women Who Start Their Own Communications Business

Emma Lovell started her communications business, Lovelly Communications, in 2009 and now has an impressive collections of clients which includes the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Eureka 89 Events & Dining, The Fundraising People and REDgum Communications, as well as assisting charities such as Alzheimer’s Australia NSW and Disabled Wintersports Australia with their digital communications pro bono. How did this young woman get her start? Hard work.

 What was your first job out of school/ University?
It actually was my business. Lovelly Communications. I’ve never been technically full time employed. I temped when I was 18 in the UK and worked in a courier company for three months. That’s the closest I’ve come. I worked part time jobs and as a freelance promotional staff during Uni. In the last semester of Uni, I set up Lovelly Communications and was working on two clients as well as acting as director in a business. I’ve been doing this since September 2009.
Did you ever think that you would be running your own PR and Communications firm?
Yes. It’s all I ever wanted to do and I was only annoyed at myself I didn’t start early. Reality has given me a few lessons in my business career and one of the first things I learnt was things take time. Also, they happen when they are meant to! Working as a freelance writer, working on social media clients and working in some of the industries I have i.e. comedy and music, that! I dd not think I would be doing.
What was the catalyst for you starting Lovelly Communications?
I wanted to work for myself as long as I can remember. I love marketing and promoting people, events and businesses. It’s my passion. Sharing stories. I’ve learnt as my business progressed that my gift of the gab and my passion for storytelling could translate into blogging, social media, promotions and more. Ultimately, I want Lovelly Communications to help people by spreading the word of their business and gaining exposure for them to have success.
You are also a freelance writer, how do you find time to keep this up with an ever-expanding base of clients?
Not well. Haha! I love blogging. I blog for business and for my passion, travel. I have been paid to write blogs and to write articles and I would love to do more of that work. Unfortunately, it is still predominantly my hobby and passion. Paying the bills has to come first. Paid work should always go ahead of my writing. In saying this, I find setting aside a set “writing” or “blogging” time every week does really improve my writing. I’m also now just trying to write whenever I can, even if it’s 100 words. Just to keep up the practice and what you find is once you start, the writing flows.
What is the $2015 in 2015 that you are taking part in?
I’m really excited for this campaign. It’s a special campaign for Blog Ambassadors of World Vision. I joined the blogging team in 2014, #WVAbloggers, and we write and share content about the amazing work of World Vision Australia. I was even given the honour of taking part in a blogging trip with another amazing blogger to Uganda. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life and I just want to help spread the word the best way I can. $2015 for 2015 is a pledge from all the bloggers to raise $2015 for projects in Tanzania throughout 2015. I’ve decided to ask for donations of $20.15 to reach my target. I’ll be hosting some events and promoting the campaign on my blogs. As a team, we can reach a truly incredible goal for World Vision!
What do you find is the number one PR error that small businesses of individuals make?
Not talking about themselves enough! Shameless self promotion is my number one rule. People and businesses often leave the promotion up to others. Hoping that others will just kick off the word of mouth and the business will roll in. Why is my business successful? Because I talk about it constantly. I’m always talking about my work, my business, my clients. It doesn’t have to be a sales pitch, but you should be talking about it because you are passionate and excited about it. If you don’t talk about you or your business, who will?