This Female Artist Has Built The Craziest Car House You Have Ever Seen

Kat O’Sullivan is an artist, globe trotter and general free spirit. She has built the craziest house you have ever laid eyes on, danced the tango with Alice Cooper, creates psychedelic sweaters and coats and drives a converted school bus.

My life has not been terribly ordinary, and I guess I am pretty grateful for that. I have been waltzing around the planet for years now, trying not to listen to all the people who insist that I ought to settle down. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to remember that a life lived in the pursuit of joy is just as valid (or more!) than a life lived in the pursuit of money. While looking for a job once, I realized how much of my strange life I try to hide so that I seem more “normal”, and then I decided, to hell with that! My life has been gorgeous, and I am proud of what I have lived, even if it looks a little weird on a resume. So, in defiance to the establishment, here is my resume that lists some of the things that I am most proud of – adventures, joys, tragedies endured, and little moments that just made me feel alive.


These are my original sweater designs, which have evolved with much love over the past 20 years of my world wanderings. I try to infuse my work with the bohemian spirit in which I live my life. I want you to wear one of my sweaters and feel comforted by the good intentions I tried to weave into it. Authenticity means everything to me.

For years and years I have funded my personal carnival by selling my patchwork gypsy wares. I hit the Etsy jackpot and my shop got crazy popular to the point where it is hard to keep up with demand. Now I have a big sweater sale once a month with about 50 new sweaters. If you would like to see previews of my upcoming sweaters, please check out my lively Facebook page.

I also sell my tutorial, which has helped thousands of people learn how to make their own Katwise style coat. Recycled sweater coats have become a bit of a trend here on etsy, and this shop is where it all started.


I reckon I have vagabonded though close to 100 countries. I’ve spent years on the festival trail, following the Dead, mermaid parading, moshing, granfallooning, standing on my head in India,staring at the campfire, and trying to get playa dust out of my bus. I have hitchhiked to Timbuktu, Kathmandu, Kalamazoo, and pretty close to Xanadu too…

From a penchant to ring in the New Year in Ecuador, to deciding to go to Mongolia based simply on the fact that it seemed Random. Hitchhiked to Timbuktu – Crossed the Sahara Desert with legendary hitchhiker Kinga Freespirit. Sailed the Niger River, Navigated the Medina of Marrakesh. I rode with the Paris-Dakar Rally, learned how to speak French and how not to speak Arabic. Received countless marriage proposals by men named Mohammed. Had a camel named after me. Walked 50km all night for Jesus. Hitchhiked to Bogota to meet rock star idol. Got attacked by 20 dogs (cool scar). Salsa danced like crazy. Did lots of art. Disrupted soccer game because goalie was checking me out and the other team scored. Got Hand Disfigured at Mexican Punk Rock Show. Rad more of Kat’s amazing bio at her website.

House and Bus

Kat’s house cannot be described; it has to be seen to be appreciated. Below are some images of the ‘house that sweaters built’.