How to learn online free spanish course

How to learn online free spanish course

Learning methodologies

Why learn from authentic content as a beginner?
As a new language student, your brain gradually maps out the symbols, sights, and sounds of the target language you are immersed in—even more than you are consciously aware of. Actively listening to natural speech helps you make these important connections the right way from the start.

Natural speech by itself, however, often has too many new words at once and is spoken too quickly for most beginners to decipher. Instreamia helps you overcome this problem by having you iteratively listen for one word at a time as you repeat each sentence again and again. Over time, this incremental approach helps you understand and use language naturally.

How is learning in a MOOC different from studying alone?

Learning a new language is no easy task, and trying to do it all on your own can be overwhelming. It is no wonder why historically people have learned in classes—learning with an instructor, exchange partners, and student peers can increase motivation, improve learning outcomes, and create a more enjoyable learning environment.

Watch the video on the left to meet your instructor and hear more about Spanish’s unique approach.

What learning activities will we do in the course?

The Adaptive Spanish courses include a wide variety of learning activities to interact with your instructor, peers, language coaches, and authentic content.

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What is adaptive learning?

Spanish utilizes Instreamia’s patent-pending adaptive learning technology to help you learn more effectively.

While learning from authentic videos, Instreamia will periodically probe your comprehension with simple knowledge checks, such as a fill-in-the-blank listening problem. The accuracy of your response in combination with other information in your learning profile helps Instreamia gauge your overall level, the types of problems you need to work on most, and which vocabulary you need more practice with.

By iteratively adjusting questions to your level, Instreamia intelligently adapts to meet your needs and help you learn faster and more effectively.

Course Information


You’ll get started on Spanish grammar, vocabulary, and understanding that will form a basis for lifelong Spanish understanding. You’ll begin to learn and improve your listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills

You’ll learn through native content, and specific goal-oriented scenarios. You’ll learn primarily from video content, which you’ll interact with as you go, and Instreamia and language coaches will evaluate your progress and direct you to exactly the instruction you need to improve. You’ll get the chance to experience the Instreamia Learner Methodology firsthand, and witness significant improvement in just a few hours.

Expected Outcomes

This class will help you like introducing yourself and get to know others.

You’ll be evaluated each step along the way, and you’ll have the chance to submit an assignment and receive evaluation and feedback from a Spanish speaker.

You’ll become familiar with the technology and be well prepared for Spanish 100.