How to Survive a Bear Attack

While bear attacks are not the most common cause of deaths for hikers or campers, they are still a very real and present threat to anyone venturing outdoors and away from civilization. Between 2005-2011 there have been just 23 deaths as a result from grizzly and black bear attacks. Just recently a polar bear attacked a hiker (CBC News) in Labrador park, Canada, though luckily he was only injured and was airlifted to a trauma center in Quebec. For those who enjoy spending time outdoors, especially in America’s North-West, knowing how to defend yourself against an attack from one of these 800+ lbs predators can mean the difference between the life and death. The Art of Manliness lists what you need to do in order to ensure your survival.

How to Survive A Grizzly Attack

1. Carry bear pepper spray.
2. Don’t run.
3. Drop to the ground in the fetal position and cover the back of your neck with your hands.
4. Play dead.

How to Survive a Black Bear Attack

1. Carry bear pepper spray.
2. Stand your ground and make lots of noise.
3. Don’t climb a tree.
4. Fight back.