Life Cube – Rapid Deployment Emergency Response Shelter

The Life Cube is designed to be an on-site maneuverable shipping container capable of a rapid deployment into an emergency response shelter.

This amazing piece of equipment is able to transform from a hard-walled shipping container (pictured above) into 144 square feet of emergency shelter space in 10 minutes with no tools needed.

The cube comes with mobility hoops which allow the unit to be maneuvered by just 1 person without the need of a forklift, even in soft sand.

The Life Cube has space for pre-installed components which can be configured to meet the specific needs of the user for emergency issues such as:

  • command and control
  • communications security
  • field medical
  • expeditionary troop sheltering
  • decontamination

It can be deployed by 1 or 2 people and when deployed, sits upon 144 square feet of hard-surfaced raised platform.  It has an air beam canopy that’s made with a weather-resistant and MSHA-rated fire retardant material.

It has an interior articulating (jointed) infrastructure that can withstand high winds and heavy snow loads:

  • 55mph sustained winds
  • 65mph gusts
  • 10lbs per square inch

Another feature the Life Cube has is an integrated power system.  The 12v Power Module has a 110v Inverter that is powered by solar panels on the unit’s lid.  It is completely grid independent but also has the capability to be recharged by grid power as well, if available.

This YouTube video by LifeCubeProject demonstrates how this amazing emergency shelter is deployed.