Rural/Metro Interfacility Ambulance Services

Not all ambulance transports call for emergency lights and sirens. Increased patient travel between specialized treatment facilities and outpatient care facilities, nursing homes and in-home care have contributed to a growing demand for non-emergency ambulance services.

More than half of our patients require ambulance transportation on a non-emergency basis for medically necessary, prescheduled transfers between hospitals and other healthcare facilities. We contract with hundreds of facilities throughout the West Zone as a preferred provider of non-emergency interfacility ambulance services.

Rural/Metro offers a full spectrum of options provided in accordance with our patients’ conditions and specific medical needs, including:

Basic Life Support
Advanced Life Support
Neonatal Transportation
Critical Care Transportation
Wheelchair and Stretcher Transportation

Non-emergency ambulance services are easy to access, with patient transport coordinators available 24 hours a day to arrange the most appropriate level of ambulance transportation for each patient. By providing a variety of transportation options, we add value for our healthcare facility partners.