The Strongest And Easiest Way To Defense Intruder By Install Home Security Bar

In 2011 there were approximately 2,188,005 burglaries in the United States, 60.6% of which were by forcible entry.  Victims of burglary offenses suffered an estimated $4.8 billion in lost property that year alone, with an average dollar loss per burglary at $2,185.  (All statistics from FBI Crime Statistics)

Boasted as “the strongest and easiest to install home security bar”, the Bar-ricade is an inexpensive, 4lbs solution to giving yourself valuable seconds or even minutes in the case of a break-in or protection during severe-weather.

A determined intruder will do his or her best to find a way into your house, and studies show that the front door is the most common entry point in these situations.  Since the 1970s, most houses use “pre-hung” doors, a method where the door is factory mounted or hung in a pine frame, which is then installed in the door opening of the house and screwed to the jack studs.  Since your hinges, knob, and deadbolt usually go into this pine frame only, and not all the way into the studs, this creates a weakness.  Pine is a soft wood that can be broken with a fair amount of force, such as a strong kick.  Even if you have a deadbolt on your door, if it only engages the pine frame then it is not very strong.

That’s where the Bar-ricade attempts to step in.  This old concept can keep your door from being kicked down, even if they break the frame of the door.  The 3″ heavy gage, specially-flange steel lag bolts go into your 2×4 jack studs and not the 3/4″ pine frame.  The Bar-ricade itself is made of a square 1.25″ tubular steel bar that can withstand an extreme amount of force.

Another factor that makes this bar efficient is its ease of use.  After installing the 2 steel lag bolts into the jack studs of your house, one on each side of the door, simply slide the slot on the left of the bar on the left bolt, drop the right slot of the bar on the right bolt and the Bar-ricade is in place.

To take the Bar-ricade off, just lift the right side of the bar and slide it off.

So even if the door gets broken, or if someone broke the door frame, or if the hinges get shot out, the Bar-ricade will hold since it has nothing to do with any of those structures.

The Bar-ricade isn’t just useful against home intrusion, it also helps protect your house during hurricanes and other intense storms.

The Bar-ricade comes in 3 variations: 32″ door ($59.95/$71.95 S&H), 36″ door($59.95/$71.95 S&H), and double doors ($99/$125 S&H).  You can buy your own at

Here are 2 YouTube videos by John Keenon, the developer of the Bar-ricade.