50 Uses for Paracord

Paracord is always touted as one of the most useful and versatile of survival gear. 550 paracord is a lightweight nylon kernmantle rope that was orginally used as suspension lines for military parachutes, hence its name.

It, like duct tape, has many uses. You can use the cord in its full size or split it open to reveal the smaller fiber strands within (which can be separated even further), allowing you to use it for a wide-range of needs from fishing line to an improvised backpack.

Some people have them as survival bracelets, some people just have pounds of them stored in a box somewhere. However you choose to keep your supply of paracord, you may decide on stocking up on even more than you already have (or start stocking up) after checking out these 50 helpful uses for paracord for the outdoors or survival situations:

makeshift belt
thread for repairing torn clothing
repair torn or broken equipment
tow rope (“550″ means it can hold 550lbs, wrap multiple times for more strength)
tie down items on top of your vehicle
clothes line
bear bag (keep food and other items up out of the reach from bears)
replacement shoe laces
replacement zipper pull
dental floss
tie extra equipment to your backpack
dog leash (or for any animal to prevent escape, like wild pig)
dog collar
binding for a human
trip wire (attached with bells or cans), and other traps
lower yourself or other object from great heights
pulley system
make a rope ladder
hold up a tarp/poncho for rain and sun protection
secure loose objects (like a flashlight to your waist)
backpack (make netting, then draw-string)
use it to tie together a makeshift shelter (sticks, logs, large vegetation)
tie large logs together to make a raft
tie snow shoes
bow drill (for fire starting)
make a sling (as a weapon, to throw stones)
make a sling (as medical equipment, to support injured limb)
signaling (tie bright cloth to it and hang from high branch)
trail marker
bola (hunting)
replacement bow string
fishing line
fish stringer (through gills)
secure your raft or boat to shore
fishing net
splint (tie straight sticks together)
sew up a wound
make a stretcher
makeshift knive sheath
handle for sharpened object (handle for sharpened stone)
sling for your rifle
rig up a tripod
makeshift shoes
tie it to a rag and pull it through shotgun or rifle barrel to clean it
replacement strap for watch or compass
There you have it, 50 uses for paracord that just might come in handy. Your imagination is your limit when it comes to the true range of possibilities with this great tool, and you can combine it with duct tape to make even more things.

Paracord usually comes in packages of 100′ so you’ll have plenty of uses with two or three of them. I also recommend having at least 2 different colors, like OD Green and Yellow, to serve multiple purposes (maybe you want it to be camouflaged, like for a trap… or to mark a trail).