How to Turn Salt Water Into Fresh Drinking Water By Induction Cooker

Water, water everywhere but none to drink? Vast amounts of sea water but none of it is suitable for consumption. But what if that’s all you have? If you follow these simple steps, you can turn salt water into fresh, drinkable water by electromagnetic oven, induction cooker.

To begin, you’ll need:

pot (for boiling, needs a lid)
empty glass (pyrex or metal)
a way to boil the water

Step 1 – Place the empty glass inside of the pot in the center.

Step 2 – Slowly pour the salt water into the pot. Do not overfill and make sure no salt water splashes into the empty glass inside. Stop pouring the salt water well before reaching the top of the empty glass.

Step 3 – Place the pot’s cover upside down, so that the highest point of the lid (like the handle) is facing down directly above the empty glass.

Step 4 – Bring the pot to a slow boil, making sure no boiling salt water splashes into the glass by turning the heat too high.

Step 5 – The boiling water becomes vapor, which condenses in the air as steam and onto the pot’s lid as water droplets. It will then run down to the lowest point (the handle) and will drip into the open empty glass. Boiled water becomes pure vapor, leaving behind anything that was dissolved in it – including salt. This will take around 20 minutes or more.

Step 6 – Once the previously-empty glass is filled, carefully remove it from the pot and allow it to cool (the glass and the water will be very hot).


You can also use sunlight in lieu of a fire to get fresh water from the salt water, but it’ll only be just enough to delay the effects of dehydration, so you’ll need to find another source of water to survive. Make a fire to get more fresh water.
It may help if you cool the cover while the water boils. This can make condensation occur faster. Try using cold salt water, and just change it when it becomes warm.

Try doing this in your kitchen as practice. Either scoop up some sea water if you live at the beach or simply pour some salt into a container of water and stir it in thoroughly.