My Soap Making Process Record With Pictures

I’ve been toying around with the idea of holding a lye soap demonstration/class for a while. So for now I decided to have my husband document my soap making process by taking pictures. I’ll post them below. I’ll explain each step.

I soap at room temperature. Meaning I prepare my oils and my lye water and let them both come to room temperature before mixing.

As I pour the lye water mix into the oils, I am steady with the immersion blender, as to not splash. As you can see in the picture below I’m protected with long pants, long sleeve shirt, gloves and goggles.

I mix until it comes to a light trace. As you can see in the picture below the consistency has thickened up to become like yogurt and the mixer has left an indent when I lift it out.

This batch I left plain, without color or scent so now it’s ready to pour into the mold

Then I set in the dividers

Now on to the next batch.
Once this batch comes to trace I pour some out to mix into my colorant.

Then Mix

Now I add the fragrance to the remaining soap left in the bowl

I then pour the colored soap into the scented part of the soap to create a muted swirl

Without mixing I pour this into the mold. By pouring it in this way it will create it’s own swirled design as it pours into the mold.

I shimmey the mold to make sure it settles where it should

I insert the dividers

Then both batches will cure for a few days before I unmold. After that I will place them on a rack to finish the curing process.