Ways To Recycle Wax’s Smells

For those of you who use tart warmers to melt your wax’s Smells tarts, you are eventually left with “empty wax”. Empty wax is what you are left with when the warmer is just warm enough to produce the scent from the fragrance used during production, but not hot enough to consume the wax like the candle flame does. So what do you do with this “empty” wax. Here’s one way, using dryer lint and cupcake papers that can then be used as fire starters for campfires, wood stoves or even your BBQ.

If you want to reuse the candle jars themselves first remove the excess wax. The best way I can tell you to do this is to line a cookie sheet (preferably an old one) with foil. Set the jar right side up in an 150* oven. Once heated pour out as much of the melted wax as you can (using the tip above is a good idea for the wax). Turn jar upside down on the cookie sheet and heat some more. Wipe out the remaining melted wax with paper towels, careful as the jar will be hot. While the jar is still warm try to remove the label. Once the jar is cool, use rubbing alcohol to remove and black soot, wax residue and label residue. Now that you have a clean jar look at the ideas below: