How To Make A Simple Hunting Tool Bamboo Spear To Catch More Fishes Quickly

Having some fishing line and lures in your survival kit can help keep you alive.  By being able to fish, you open the possibilities up to you catching dinner.  Just catching one fish can keep you going for a few more days.

But what if you forget your gear?  Or weren’t prepared?  The worst thing is if there is a body of water nearby and you have no method of trying to catch whatever meal is swimming in it.

Learning to make a simple spear out of bamboo doubles as a fishing tool as well as a self-defense or hunting weapon.  Follow these short, easy steps to ensure that you will be able to craft yourself a pronged spear to help you catch food.

These steps will teach you how to make a simple, 4-pronged bamboo spear.  All you need to start off is:

  • knife
  • 6′ – 8′ piece of bamboo
  • vines, thick wire, or rope

Once you have gathered these needed materials you are ready to begin.

The first step is to make two intersecting crosscuts at one end about 6″ (15 cm) deep.  By doing this you have created four prongs.

Once you’ve cut your prongs, you’ll need to separate them so that they spread out more. To do this simply separate them by wedging your vine (or thick wire or rope) into the crevices of the newly-created prongs.

The last thing you need to do now is just sharpen the prongs!  By using your knife, you can add barbs to the ends of the points, so that when you stab the fish you can hook them with the prongs instead of just poking holes in them.

And you’re done!  In just 3 easy steps you have created an excellent alternative to traditional fishing line and bait.

Now just because you know how to do this, you should still always carry a small survival fishing kit in your bug-out-bag.  Knowing how to do this just adds more flexibility and can heighten your chances at surviving.

To throw the spear, first find its balance by resting it in your palm with the prongs held towards the target.  Stand sideways from the target with the spear held in the hand that is the furthest from the target.  Keep your knees slightly bent and step towards your target.  Straighten your knees and twist forward using your hips and throw the spear towards the target.

Drop your throwing shoulder and let your non-throwing hand fly out behind you.  Right as you release, just your index finger and thumb should be gripping the spear.  You’ll know when to release the spear when it is parallel to the ground.

Remember!  Water plays tricks on us called “refraction”, which causes objects that are beneath the water’s surface to appear in one spot, when it is actually in a different spot.

In terms of fishing, it looks like this:

With practice you will become effective at this method of spear fishing.