Gift Giving Holiday Parties 100 percent Pure Argan Oil Light

‘Tis the season for shopping, cyber or the old fashion method of physically visiting a store. Whichever way you decide to approach purchasing, you might like some guidance to streamline the process & make your shopping experience as stress-free as possible. So, I’m sharing suggestions all month long. I also strongly believe that you shouldn’t be excluded from your wonderful spirit of giving, & I’m officially giving you the green light to get a treat for yourself too.

Let’s start with the first thing people see: your face. Are you sick of worrying about all of the potentially toxic ingredients that might be lurking in your skincare products? Well, I was too until discovering the all-natural, organic skincare line by Josie Maran. Inspired by Argon Oil, which Maran was introduced to by a 70 year old women in France who looked like she was only 40, the line has expanded to include make-up as well as skincare.

Josie Maran’s product line, featuring this hidden fountain of youth, is amazing not just because of the fabulous results it produces, but also because the brand adheres strictly to it’s “Luxury With a Conscience” motto.

They use pure, Fair Trade Argan Oil, responsibly grown and harvested by co-ops of Moroccan women, all of whom are compensated with living wages, & they use eco-friendly packaging. The Best of Argan Essentials To Go is the perfect gift, Josie Maran, Suggested Retail: $28 (was $49).

It will give your friends a sampling of some of the wonderful products offered, all in travel-friendly size containers. Now it’s your turn to receive a gift. There are so many great options that you cannot make a wrong choice, however, I am totally obsessed with the 100% Pure Argan Oil Light, so if you don’t have it already, I would start here Sephora, Suggested Retail: $48. I know exactly what many of you are thinking; in fact, you might even be horrified at the thought of putting oil directly on your face on purpose, suspecting that it’s a recipe for an acne disaster, but that’s not the case at all. In fact, not only will you see clearer skin, but you will also see a youthful glow; seriously, this is pretty much like magic. I haven’t tried all of the products Josie Maran offers yet, but I intend to. Happy shopping season!