Good Day, Sunshine! You Will Need New Style Sunglasses

Spring has finally arrived & I can’t think of a better excuse to treat yourself to new sunglasses; seriously, this purchase is just as functional as it is fun, & that’s not something you can say often. I’m introducing you to one of my favorite new (and socially responsible) companies: meet PERVERSE. They must have been in my head when I asked, “Why can’t there be one great resource for fabulous sunglasses without crazy high prices?!?!” PERVERSE answered just last year with “you’re totally right, there should be, & here we are! Yay!!!” There is a vast assortment of styles, so I promise that you will find at least one pair that you love, & with these prices you have my blessing to buy several if you happen to fall in love with two…or three….or, okay I’ll stop myself; I’m trying to be a good influence. Some of my favorites are above: Fly in color Mrs. Grey-Light Grey (Suggested Retail:$45), Big Mouth in color Clara-Brown (Suggested Retail:$35), & Madness in Silver-Black with Silver (Suggested Retail: $65). I’m not the only fan of this truly amazing label; Cara Delevingne, who is a little…okay, fine WAY cooler than I am, has also been spotted wearing these must have shades. Need I say more?