Mono Vault Burial Tube For Jewelry Firearms Survival Gear

Mono Vault’s Burial Tubes are perfect for storing valuable items such as jewelry, firearms, or survival gear.

Dependable and affordable, these are a good idea to add to your collection.

Maybe you have a supply of non-perishable food that you want to keep away from those who’d scavenge off of you. Maybe you have some survival gear that you don’t just want laying around. Or maybe even you just want to put something in a time capsule for the next generation.

Mono Vault Burial Tubes fit all of these needs. They are constructed of polyethylene with 3/4″ thick walls. They come with a threaded, gasketed wide mouth lid that will protect whatever you put inside of the burial tube from all elements.

Since it is a polymer product, the dimensions are approximate and can have varying diameters by as much as 1/4″ and lengths by as much as 1/2″.

To counter this, make sure to measure what it is you are wanting to put inside the burial tube, especially firearms.














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As you can see, there are several burial tube sizes. Depending on what it is you are want them to contain, you’ll have to measure and order the appropriate vault.

Vault #212 (title picture and pictured above) has a diameter of 12.75″ and a height of 12.75″. This is the ideal vault for handguns, jewelry, and other small-sized treasures.

Vault #130 (above) has a diameter of 10.25″ and a height of 30.5″, making this vault ideal for pistol-grip shotguns, shorter rifles, and other firearms of similar length like those with folding or collapsible stocks. Another option would be to break down your longer firearms to fit inside Vault #130.

Vault #248 (above) is one of the largest burial vaults. Though not quite the tallest, it is wider than the tallest vault which makes it a better choice for some. It has a diameter of 12.75″ and a height of 47.75″. This length allows you to store a full-length rifles like the AR-15, AK-47, or SKS. In fact, because of its width as well, you could stack more than one rifle in this burial tube.

Vault #152 (above) is the tallest of the burial vaults. It has a diameter of 11″ and a height of 52″. If you have very long rifles or anything that requires more height than width, this would be the ideal vault for you.

Mono Vault Burial Tubes are rugged, waterproof, corrosion proof, and airtight options to store your firearms and other valuables in. You could even bury them under water for those extreme circumstances.

These burial tubes are not very expensive for the peace-of-mind and security that they give you. As of now at they go for about:

$95 for Vault #212
$100 for Vault #130
$160 for Vault #152
$170 for Vault #248
So swing by their site and check them out today!