Best 23/27 Inch Monitor For Photo Editing

For gamers,they care mainly about high refresh rate for domination of opponents when they choose a monitor.But if you are a shutterbug,you must be concerned with translating photobook with color reproduction and the Images on the screen to a print.

There are many types of LCD monitors and professional photographers may have their wants and their own set of priorities. So when you plan to perchase a monitor for photo editing,you must consider the related things towards photo edting.Here,I will give you the most useful tips to pick out THE Best 23/27 Inch Monitor For Photo Editing.

Today’s Picks:Best 23/27 Inch Monitor For Photo editing

It is a daunting proposition to select a monitor for photo editing, especially if you prefer a particular function for a task. Here is a comparison chart for you to purchase a nice monitor for photo editing.You need to make it clear that the chart is in a continuous updating as the development of our market.

Things you should consider when choosing a monitor forphoto editing

Colour-accurate monitor is good for photo edting

If you are a professional photographer,you must know the importance of colour-accurate feature to a monitor for photo edting.Colour-accurate monitor is good at improving the definition of a photo.

Dispaly is very important

Viewing angles is very improtant when you are editing your photos.So the display of the monitor does matter.Nowadays,IPS screens is widely preferred.Besides,the size of the screen determines the coordination of color for photo editing.

Considering your graphics hardware.

Make sure that the graphics hardware of your monitor is able to up the task of displaying high resolutions.What’s more,You’d better to research your own machine to be familiar with graphics capability.

Top 3  Best 23/27 Inch Monitor For Photo editing of 2015

Best 27 Inch Monitor For Photo editing

#1 ASUS PB278Q 27″ WQHD 2560×1440 PLS/ IPS DisplayPort HDMI DVI-D VGA Ergonomic Back-lit LED Monitor under $500

This monitor features a 2560 by 1440 resolution and can provide you with incredible definitionto videos,games and everything else.It is also designed with a fully-adjustable design and user-centric features.It is able to make you do everything easily.


  • Extensive connectivity options

It provides you with extensive connectivity options such as DisplayPort,HDMI and dual-link DVI.

  • QuickFit technology and advance OSD controls

This feature makes it easy for you to put commonly-used layout formats clearly on screen

  • Humanized display

Its display is capable of offering 178-degree viewing angle to you,which can benefit photo editing a lot.

Why you should buy:

This item can deliver four times the pixel resolution of HD and other monitors can not do this. It is complemented with two 3-watt speakers and provides you with high-quality audio playback. With this monitor,you can absolutely experience the true-to-life visuals and will be surprised at the capabilities of the monitor.

Customer review

This monitor can produce a crisper and clearer image.Compared with other monitor,it comes with improved viewing angles higher contras and a faster response time.What’s more,this monitor can run smoothly for a long time.

#2 BenQ SW2700PT Monitor for Photographers SW2700PT 27″ Screen LED-Lit Monitor

This product features BenQ 27” WQHD resolution and provides you with 99% Adobe RGB that is good for high color accuracy.It is designed for photographers and you can enjoy much convenience when you are editing photos.

Customer review

Its color is incredibly accurate and the screen is very big and clear.I am a crazy photographer and I am very happy that I get this wonderful monitor fot photo editing.I like all the features of it.I want to recommend it to everyone!

Best 23 Inch Monitor For Photo editing

#1  ViewSonic VP2365WB 23-Inch IPS LCD Monitor

This monitor features IPS panel that can deliver accurate colors superior image quality and high contrast ratio. It can even provide you with super wide viewing angles of 178.It has low energy consumption and can save up to 40% energy.

Customer review

Its adjustable height, swivel and rotation also make life easier.It is absolutely perfect for print shops ,small PR/ad agencies and community newspapers. I am very pleased with its design because of it adds much grance to my room.

My recommendations:

If you are eager for the best monitor for photo editing,I highly recommend these monitors to you.These monitors can give you the best color quality and will absolutely benefit your editing work a lot.