Best BenQ 24/27 Inch Monitor For Gaming

For a gamer,he must be eager for a nice monitor for gaming so that he can play the most interactive and powerful video games.So,when you are planing to build your gaming computer, it’s important for you to evaluate related components for gaming to enjoy the best gaming experience.

As we all know,the monitor for gaming must require the highest possible quality and a extensive control to guarantee a good game situation.Of course,there are many things you should pay attention to.This article will provide you some of the options available and give you a few tips on how to choose the best BenQ 24/27 inch monitor for gaming.To seize the opportunity at present,you are require to take action right now.

Best BenQ 24/27 Inch Monitor For Gaming

  • To gather reliable messages about monitors for gaming,we have compared the quality of related components and pick out some kinds of monitors.
  • In the comparison chart,you can have a clear view of the difference between game monitor and non-game monitor and get a general idea of the related component s.please pay close attention to change of the chart,In that case, you will be able to make a right decision.

Tips on how to select a 24/27 inch monitor

Get into the gaming culture.

  • Nowadays,PC gamers are developing interactive cultures and communities around exciting games with the virtual worlds and highly detailed graphics.
  • In pursuit of pleasure,we can construct our machine with exciting shapes ,decals,lights and an elaborate PC case.

Pick the proper PC case

A Proper PC case which is just a box to put your motherboard and other components together is a very important part of your monitor.It must be constructed to fit the motherboards. For an alternate solution,you may choose a “barebones system”.besides,you need to select a power supply that can power your monitor constantly.

Include a video card to handle graphics

For most monitors,there is no need adding a video card.But a good gaming monitor has special requirements for its memory. 4 GB to 8 GB of RAM are usually preferred than 2 GB RAM.So,you’d better to include a video card to handle graphics.

Best BenQ 24/27 Inch Monitor For Gaming Of 2015

#1 BenQ 24 Inch Gaming Monitor RL2455HM (24-Inch LED) under $200

Every function and feature have been meticulously thought out to offer RTS gamers with vital command and with the purpose to achieve peak performance. The monitor designed with gaming-comfort zero flicker technology and revolution eyes monitor technology to help you get a enjoyable gaming experience.


  • Energy star qualified
  • Unleash the battle, unlock the power.
  • Its fast 1ms GTG response time contributes to an enhanced gaming experience
  • The monitor can customize your individual viewing preference.The smart scaling and display  mode allow you to change the monitor view at will.

Why you should buy:

The monitor is equipped with different color modes and multiple picture settings for gaming.Its new exclusive RTS mode ensures a constant running for long time.In addition to its excellent performance for gaming,the price of it is at a 31% discount on can not buy such a nice monitor.

Customer review

This is the best console monitor and the best console monitor I have seen.It was great for its price.

Compared its refresh rates and response times , I have found that the difference between 1ms and 4ms is such high difference! I love it!

#2 BenQ RL2755HM 27-inch 1ms GTG HDMIx2 Official MLG UMG Gaming Monitor under $300

This kind of monitor can render every motion with no latency and is well designed for you to enjoying total gaming satisfaction. For larger view,Its fighting mode can sharpen your focus.The monitor is also equipped with purpose-built for critical functions make it suitable for  artists,photographers,graphic designers and business professionals.

Customer review

At first,I was hesitant to buy the monitor,but when I get it ,I was so surprised that it was so nice a monitor for gaming.I think you can’t buy a better one like this on market. Its hard plastic shell makes it durable and sturdy.

My recommendations:

As a addicted gamer,I am so addicted to these monitors and I was surprised the wonderful gaming experience. I am sure that these monitor can meet all your needs.all you need to do is to select a suitable one at your will with just a click of your mouse.