Best DELL 24/27/34 Inch Monitor

As technology improves, so complexity the monitors are.A PC monitor is the window to your world including programs, files and media.The monitors differ deeply in design and features,which can offer you varying picture quality.

I know you want to purchase a right one to meet all your needs without paying more for useless features.Here.My personal monitor buying guide maybe help you know more about how to look for a monitor and get the perfect  Dell 24/27/34 monitors,

Best DELL 24/27/34 Monitor:Top 5 Ranking

It is absolutely my personal collection.Through my hard work,I have found a few kinds of best Dell monitors in different sizes.To be convenient for your deal,I will update it every now and then.

Best Dell 24 Inch Monitor For PC

Dell E2414Hr 24-Inch LED-Lit Monitor

This one has so brilliant screen clarity,using environment-conscious design.And it has experienced rigorous reliability tests.Its design is reliable and clear.For making work easily and games entertaining,this Dell 24 monitor is your smart choice. It is like most of the monitors having plenty of room,which can use to work and play.The biggest feature is environment-conscious manufacturing.It meets the environmental standards and latest regulator.

Highlights and the reasons to buy

  • Because of the high-resolution,this wide screen 24 inch display has Essential features.However,its great functions are easy to use.
  • Except the strong features,it also has outstanding quality.The rigorous testing and the best process-quality monitoring help the buyers ensure performance reliability.
  • To be an environment-conscious monitor,it is built to obey the latest environmental standards.

Customer reviews

  • I choose this Dell E-Series 24 inch monitor when it is on discount.For the low price,it is worth more and has more than my expectations.
  • To replace the old 22 inch Samsung LCD,I pick it up and it has more brightness than the old one.
  • In this modern time,I am buying a 24 inch 1080p HD monitor with a VGA cable.It has been a great cheap for us all.

Price analysis

Now it is on discount.You can pick up it just using 60% as usual.For the price,you can get stronger features than someone cost you $200.

Best Dell 27 Inch monitor for graphics

Dell S2715H 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

This one is from the Dell S-Series.Different from the E-Series,it do it better at enhancing home entertainment fun.It has awesome features,including crystal clear audio and visual.What’s more,its expansive screen provide you with a wide screen viewing.It is so great for every home entertainment setting.It is so brilliant enough to engage with your world.

Highlights and the reasons to buy

  • It attracts you the most that is a captivating configuration.It has a lot of functions like full HD and built-in audio speakers.The S2715H is also optimized for your ultimate entertainment.
  • And it uses seamless connectivity.This beautiful technology can connect to the smart devices,which can adjust your display and make it is perfectly fit with VESA compatibility.

Customer reviews

  • In my opinion,it is the best value monitor for you.I regret I get my monitor from another retailer because Amazon can offer me a bonus.
  • Most manufactures have put out the WQHD monitors,but their prices are so high that we cannot afford.However,we can get it cheaper on Amazon.

Price analysis

Compared to the former 24 inch monitor,it is much more expensive.The list price is about $700.But now it is introduced preferential policies.You can get it just about $400.

Best DELL 34 Inch Monitor Under $1000

Dell Ultra Sharp U3415W 34-Inch Curved LED-Lit Monitor

The 34 inch monitor has been different from the normal size monitors.It is a big step for the technology resolution.You will be immersed in a revolutionary visual and audio experience.This monitor is one of the earliest 34 inch monitors.The Dell 34 inch monitor is an ultra sharp and ultra wide curved monitors.You will experience a great view like never before with this Dell 34 inch curved monitor.

Highlights and the reasons to buy

  • This 21:9 curved 34 inch monitors are the first one of the world,and it has a panoramic view, superb sound and cinematic WQHD resolution.
  • The Dell ultra sharp 34 inch bring you an immersive and panoramic experience.This curved monitor provide you with a new viewing experience.And the 21:9 ultra-wide screen offers more area and enhances your viewing comfort.

Customer reviews

  • For the past 6 months,I was looking for a new 34 inch wide screen monitors.I was initially interested in the LG.But after my reading about many complaints,I decide get the famous Dell 34 inch monitor.
  • This Dell has a simpler, flatter bezel.I consider it is a narrow win for Dell that it is highly subjective.

Price analysis

As a 34 inch monitor and the world’s earliest one,it must cost you more than $1000.But now you can save about $400.Please catch up this chance and enjoy your happy time.

Technical characteristics comparison

The similarities

  • These three Dell monitors all use LCD displays.In general,the sizes of the monitors run from 15 inches to 34 inches.However,whatever size it is,the basic functions are similar.While you’d better have a big monitor for more viewing area,it cannot be practical and suitable for you desktop.So it is the same only if it can meet your needs.
  • Most monitors between 22 inch and 27 inch have the same resolution.The same resolution will provide you the same information on the screen.These monitors are called as full HD monitors.

The differences and price analysis

  • Just like the TVs,the size of the monitor screen is measured diagonally.And you should consider how big monitor you need.The size between 21 inch and 26 inch,it will be good for office use and multipurpose home.It is better to watch TV shows and movies and play games.When you choose a monitor 27 inch and up.It can offer a broad viewing area.And it will be good news for professors in photography and video production and serious gamers.
  • Besides its different sizes,the biggest difference is the price.Like my passage introduce,a 24 inch panel cost around $200 to $400.However,when the size is up,the more money you will cost.If you want a 27 inch monitor,you have to spend much more than $400.If you want much bigger,like a 34 inch monitor,you should have a budget more than $1000.


If you are a environmentalists,you can get the Dell 24 inch monitor that is designed for environment protect.If you are serious gamers or a professional graph producer,you can consider a Dell 27 inch monitor.However,if you are monitor enthusiasts,you can pick up the world’s earliest 34 inch monitor and have your good time.