Lace-Up Tall Gladiator Sandals For Spring & Summer

While it might still be cold or even snowing in some parts of the country (ahem, Chicago), it is officially spring so I’m ignoring the weather outside of my window & getting us ready for the well deserved warmer months ahead. The biggest trend in footwear for spring/summer is inspired by our Roman warrior friends. You might recall seeing shorter versions of the gladiator sandal in the past, but this season, the sandal is taller & more “authentic” than in the past. If you are able to splurge, the Chloé lace-up tall Gladiator sandal is absolutely fabulous, Barneys, Suggested Retail: $1,370 (above). I love these sandals with flowy spring dresses; it creates a bohemian, “I’m chic without trying,” look. If you’re on a budget, Zara’s leather Roman sandal is a great choice, Zara, Suggested Retail:$159. Now, if we can just get the weather gods to recognize that it’s supposed to be spring, we’ll be all set.