A Unique Children’s Castle Bed and Bedroom Set

Kids love this custom looking Castle Bed! What little boy hasn’t dreamed of being one of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table, defending his castle with sword and shield, laying himself down to rest only after the battle is won? Will’s King Arthur Collection features a children’s castle bed fit for such a knight of the realm.

While a little girl’s Princess Castle Bed might be white and pink, a boy’s King Arthur Castle Bed must be in a color a knight would choose, such as a dark royal blue, and be built with the carved stone towers and walls that a castle must have – and best of all – it would have a shield emblazoned with his own real coat of arms.

Will’s King Arthur Castle Bed has all of that, including a carefully researched custom hand-painted coat of arms* for the child’s family. The Castle Bed has stout three-dimensional towers at all four corners, hand-carved stonework on the castle towers, headboard and side rails, and children love that it has built-in low-power lights that can be painted to give the color of hearth fires within. Under-bed drawers can be added to serve as overnight barracks for the king’s soldiers and steeds, or a castle trundle bed can be chosen for providing hospitality to visiting travelers (children).

The Castle Bed and other pieces in Will’s King Arthur Collection, such as chests of drawers, desks and nightstands, are of custom heirloom quality. Our Castle Beds are constructed of hardwood, not particle board or another substitute, for good looks, durability, and longevity normally lacking in children’s furniture. Our Castle Collections desks, chests and other case goods have solid hardwood tops and durable veneer sides and backs. Drawers have dovetail joints and high-quality metal sliders, and other joints are either dovetail, rabbit, or mortise and tenon for extra strength kid’s use requires. Thus old-world quality workmanship ensures that the fine furniture you invest in today will endure to serve future generations of kings and knights as well.

Tomorrow will come soon enough. Enjoy watching today’s young knight discover that he has a castle of his own and fall asleep in his own magic land of knights and dragons and whatever else his imagination can create.

King Arthur Castle Bed Features:

Solid hardwood construction with dovetail, rabbit, and mortise and tenon joints
Hand-carved stonework on towers, headboard, footboard and side rails
7-watt night lights in all four castle towers
Knight’s shield featuring the owner’s family coat of arms, custom hand-painted
Dark royal blue with “Shining Armor” silver trim (other colors optional)
Optional matching under-bed drawers or trundle beds.
*Hand-painted Coat of Arms/Family Crest is sold separately through an affiliate based in the United Kingdom. These are meticulously hand-painted. When purchasing, we will provide all necessary information.