A Unique Princess Castle Bed And Bedroom Set

My Princess’ Castle Bed And Bedroom Set Is A Unique Princess Bed In Its Design

My Princess Castle Bed Collection, a set of finely crafted, enchanting bedroom furniture just for girls, is unique in its beauty and design for its medieval motif. No other princess bed or bedroom set can capture a girl’s imagination quite like our Princess Castle Beds and Princess Collection.

All Princess Collection pieces are constructed from the highest-quality hardwood under Fred Golightly’s exacting specifications. They are built to last, and designed to hold their value. With their timeless beauty and durable construction, My Princess Collection pieces are designed to be passed down from generation to generation.

The spectacularly unique princess bed, the centerpiece of the bedroom set, features sturdy construction, carved brickwork and attention to detail that will please parents as much as its unique design. Matching dressers, nightstands and other case goods incorporate solid hard wood veneer tops and durable veneer sides. All joints are a mix of rabbit, mortise/tenon and dovetail for the strongest bond and reduced reliance on nails.

Coated with lead-free Snow White paint and highlighted by decorative trim in Pink and Gold, all Princess Collection Bedroom pieces tastefully match. Just add your own decorative touches and your little princess will revel in a royal chamber that fits her unique personality.

When it comes to craftsmanship, no corners are cut and no expense is spared. But, you will be pleasantly surprised by our prices!

Princess Castle Beds And HeadboardsWhile the total My Princess Collection set will appeal to design-conscious parents, it’s the amazing princess castle bed that will instantly capture your eye. Your girl will love the lighted castle towers and the real princess crown adorning the headboard. Her spirits will soar to new heights and she will feel like royalty as she dreams away!

The Princess Castle Bed Features:

Solid hardwood construction (solid wood is California Poplar).
12 volt 6 or 10 Watt night lights in the towers.
Carved, not painted, wood bricks on the columns and towers to mimic real castles.
Unique peaks on our castle bed are now exact replicas of old castles. Each peak has meticulously hand carved wooden shingles!
A real tiara! The full sized crown adorns the headboard or fits your little princess’ head.
Snow White paint with colorful decorative trim Pink and Gold.
Optional matching trundle beds or storage drawers that fit underneath.

The princess castle bed is painted Snow White, while trim pieces on the headboard, footboard and castle peaks are available in your little girl’s favorite color – Pink. Key decorative trim is in metallic Gold.

The same care and quality Fred put into his precious Olivia’s original castle bed are available for your own little princess. Imagine the sheer excitement on your little girl’s face when she sees the castle bed she’s dreamed about – and it’s hers!

Princess Collection – Case Goods
Each My Princess Collection dresser, chest of drawers, nightstand and vanity table is superbly crafted with corner posts accented with carved brickwork and gold trim to unify the bedroom set with the princess castle bed.

The tops of all pieces are hardwood and sides incorporate the highest quality veneer, an ideal choice for strength and smooth texture after painting. Each drawer “box” is made from European Birch veneer using dovetail joints for superior strength and craftsmanship, and mounted on smooth, high-quality metal sliders. Cut glass knobs are standard and add that crowing touch of elegance to My Princess Collection.

Princess Vanity Dresser With Mirror
The Princess Vanity Dresser is a gorgeous piece that completes your princess’ collection. With a .25″ beveled mirror and two folding side mirrors it reflects the elegance and richness of My Princess Collection. The 14 drawers are dovetailed to give the princess the space she needs to store her treasures for many years while the adjustable mirrors provide a true reflection of her beauty. Her room will truly be a special place!

Princess Nightstand
Beautifully crafted, the Princess Nightstand adds another touch of elegance and uniqueness to the room and has the same trim and molding as the vanity and princess castle bed.

Princess Chest Of Drawers
Hardwood tops with sides that incorporate the highest quality veneer, this 5 or 8-Drawer Chest of Drawers has drawer “box” made from European Birch veneer using dovetail joints for superior strength and craftsmanship, and mounted on smooth, high-quality metal sliders. Cut glass knobs are standard and add that crowning touch of elegance to My Princess Collection.

Princess Trundle Bed
With a comfortable, matching trundle bed right next to her main Princess Castle Bed, your little princess will be able to share her dreams with all her friends. Be careful though, they may want to spend every night at your house!

Princess Line Storage Drawers
This provides two drawers under the bed for additional space for clothes or to store toys, blankets, fairy tale books, DVDs, etc.

Princess Footstool
Olivia has selected this matching footstool to complete your Princess Castle ensemble. This is a piano bench stile footstool for extra storage space under the cushion.

How much this bed cost?

Sale Prices:

Twin Size $999!
Full Size $1,099!
Queen Size $1,199!