Top 50 Items That Disappear From Store Shelves During An Emergency

Hurricanes hit the American coast, from Texas to New England, with extreme destructive power.  It’s no wonder why after a hurricane approach is announced, people flock to their nearby supermarkets and grocery stores and stock up on necessities.  Usually the store shelves will look like the one pictured above, due to panic and lack of previous preparation.

It would be smarter for someone to stockpile these items beforehand, not just to avoid the mad rush to aisle 7 but to have that peace of mind that if any emergency event were to strike that you would be already prepared for the long haul.

In a post by CampingSurvival, Facebook fans were asked what they believed to be the first things to fly off the shelves in an emergency.  They came up with a list of the top 50 items that disappear during hurricanes and the like, and though while not all of these items are something you should stock up (due to quick spoil time, for example), it should give you a better idea at what your local store will soon run out of if the occasion calls.

Compare this list to what you already have in your home, and how much of it you have.

The following 50 items are divided into categories and are in no order of importance:

Food (1-16), Power/Light (17-29), Fun (30-33), First Aid (34-38), Hygiene (39-43), Babies (44-45), Improvisation (46-50)

  1. bread
  2. butter
  3. cereal
  4. coffee
  5. eggs
  6. flour
  7. fruit (canned/fresh)
  8. honey
  9. meats (canned)
  10. milk
  11. peanut butter
  12. pet fod
  13. salt
  14. sugar
  15. vegetables (canned and root)
  16. water
  17. batteries
  18. candles
  19. charcoal
  20. coolers
  21. flashlights
  22. gasoline
  23. generators
  24. glow sticks
  25. ice
  26. lamp oils, oil lanterns
  27. lighter fluid
  28. matches
  29. propane, propane stoves
  30. alcohol, drinking
  31. beer
  32. cigarettes
  33. condoms
  34. alcohol, rubbing
  35. antiseptic
  36. aspirin/pain relievers
  37. cold medicine
  38. first aid kits
  39. feminine hygiene products
  40. paper plates/napkins
  41. shampoo
  42. soap
  43. toilet paper
  44. baby food/formula
  45. diapers
  46. duct tape
  47. plastic bags
  48. plywood
  49. radios
  50. rope

So there it is.  The top 50 items most likely to vanish off of your store’s shelves during an emergency. For those on the East Coast of the United States, hurricanes are predicted weeks before they make landfall.  Do not wait until a couple days before that to make your emergency item run, because there will be nothing useful left (or at least not an ideal amount left).

Just because you may not have been hit by a hurricane in the past few years, don’t think that you have no need for stocking up on any of the items listed above.  I’ll leave you with this great video clip from Discovery Channel’s new series, North America, concerning hurricanes.