How Do I Sell My Beanie Babies? Where Should I Sell?

So the time has come you are ready to sell your beanie babies. After all the years of fun collecting and cuddling, you have finally decided to part ways with your precious collection. After all, we all have to grow up right?

Ok, so now that youve made your decision, now what?

One of the biggest questions many beanie baby owners have is the question:

How do I sell my Beanie Babies?
Alternatively, there is another question that is often asked:

Where should I sell my Beanie Babies?
Collection of beanie babies
Trying to sell your precious collection of beanie babies?

Right now, very few beanie babies are being sold at the same retail price that was paid for them. Now of course, as with everything else, there are exceptions like rare beanie babies or original tagged ones. However in most cases, selling your beanie babies will not make you a profit. Why is this do you ask? Well firstly there is very little demand for beanie babies. Unlike in the 90’s when they were the hottest thing since sliced bread, beanie baby popularity has drastically decreased over the past 20 years. And as simple economics tells us, price increases with demand, and right now demand ain’t high.

Even so, there are still many options for those wanting to make some money off their old beanie baby collection. Smart Collecting is an excellent resource to find up to date news regarding selling Beanie Babies, as well as finding people that are willing to buy them.

Some alternative places to sell beanie babies are online. Some excellent sites include eBay, or Craigslist. Even Amazon would be a great place to sell your beanie baby collection.

Don’t forget options to sell your beanie babies offline. Places like yard sales, garage sales and flea markets are also excellent ways to make money off your collection.

Another great place to sell beanie babies is at a toy convention. Many collectors with lots of money to spend travel far and wide to conventions to buy beanie babies.

Toy fairs and conventions are excellent places to meet real people willing to buy beanie babies

Regardless of how you decide to sell your beanie babies, whether individually or as whole a collection, you will always have an opportunity to make some money. Via any of the outlets I mentioned in the above post, you will definitely find someone that is willing to take your beanies off your hands for a reasonable price. You never know, you might even find an avid collector that is willing to pay good money for a large intact, and well taken care of collection.

Just don’t forget to do your research and look up the information and value of each beanie baby you are trying to sell to make sure you’re getting the best price for each particular beanie baby.

Best of luck and good selling!