Jo Minnie Moes Custom Knitted Rats Review

A while back I had received a complimentary knitted rat from Facebook’s Shirley Sutton, the Ferret Knitter with Jo-Minnie-Moes eBay site to do a review on. The ratty was intended to look like Aniston and even had a little bandanna with her name on it… how once I received it, I realized that my color selection was off. Instead of looking like a beige hooded rat, it looked more like an agouti. But no worries! Pip is agouti! So instead of doing a review right away, knowing I was going to place an order for additional hand knitted rats and correct the color issue, I put it aside, proudly displayed on my bookshelf.

So a couple weeks ago, I finally got into a position where I could pay for the cost of two more knitted rats and the international shipping charges and agreed to purchased them from Minnie-Moes actual eBay site- one to look like the real Aniston and the other to be a hairless like Scarlett. Shirley was wonderful to work with, and when I explained what happened with my color selection before, she agreed to make the Aniston knitted rat in the right color but make Pip’s bandanna around her neck so that once I received it, I could just switch out the bandannas. I am so glad she was able to knit a new Aniston, she even knitted Aniston’s little heart that’s on her tummy. It came out larger than Aniston’s actual marking, but that’s understandable since the photo I supplied wasn’t that clear (squirmy rat!) and I have no idea how hard it is to knit! 🙂 I kinda like the heart over sized though, because, after all, Aniston IS my heart rat!

Both the new Aniston and the Scarlett knitted rats arrived right on schedule! And just as before, both were so stinking adorable!

I did find two flaws in them though. One was that there was a large hole in the knit of the Aniston knitted rat- right where the heart is. Fortunately my collection of knitted rats will be safely displayed on a shelf, not given to a child to play with. If someone was to give it to a child to play with, then having a hole where the stuffing might come out could be an issue. The other flaw was that Scarlett’s name was spelled incorrectly on her bandanna. It was missing that last “T”. 🙁 I will have to see if I can match the red thread and squeeze another “t” on the end.

I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE my knitted rats and hope to get all the rest of my ratties done! I appreciate their smallish size, which means people with multiple rats can display them all together in a collection without fear that they will take over! Well, I guess that all depends on just how many rats you have, LOL! These knitted rats, like the real ones, are like potato chips…you can’t have just one!

Quality: I did have a hole in one of the ratties but I can only imagine how hard it is to knit these and felt that wouldn’t be very fair to knock off a star for one small hole…and besides, the others were just fine! 5 STARS

Safety: If this is a gift for a child, it would have to have 4 out of 5 stars since the eyes can come loose…however it is listed as a collectable when you order is so I will give it 5 STARS

Ease of Assembly: n/a

Ease of Cleaning: I don’t have a clue how to wash these, so I am going to assume that IF you absolutely need to, you should hand wash it which is pretty simple. 5 STARS

Price: Fabulous pricing for the quality of the work! The price of shipping it internationally cost more than the actual knitted rats did!  5 STARS

Custom rats can even have markings matched!

Aesthetics: Able to do custom orders in various colors and even match your ratties’ patterns! Embroidery  available so you could even personalize their little bandannas with your ratties’ names! I did take off one star since my rat’s name was spelled incorrectly after communicating in writing with the name spelled out correctly. I didn’t see any options available for the bandanna color but I am sure if you contact the seller and request a color she might be able to help you out! 4 STARS

Rat’s Response: n/a