Is Playing NK Video Games A Waste of Time?

By the time I was 13 years old I owned a Nintendo 64 and a GameBoy. Many may argue that in those days, such consoles were just toys and not really “video games.” Well, that was only the beginning of the evolution of video gaming.

On November 9, 2004, Bungie released Halo 2, the second installment of the Halo Franchise for the Xbox console. This would become the flagship for myself and many others. I was homeschooled. Like many others, I would spend more time playing than I would doing other things. I remember my father telling me, “You’re wasting your time!,” and like a typical teenager I brushed him off. I would continue to play splitscreen with my brother or friends that would come over and continued to build my confidence as losing became less frequent.

One day my older brother, who was in the Army at the time (go Army!), came home with a Xbox 360. You can imagine what I thought. “Oh this is cool! Better graphics, new controller, all kinds of things!” We owned a 60” TV the old style that only played standard definition, well I thought I was playing a lot of Halo 2 I had no idea what I was stepping into.

On September 25, 2007 Bungie released Halo 3, I spent 4 hours waiting in line at my local GameStop to get my copy of Halo 3, when I got home and got online I played for 36 hours, needless to say I was addicted but something happened when I was playing. I saw a gamertag named MLG, I said what is MLG? and the guy said Major League Gaming. I was like what the heck is that and he gave me a web address and I went and checked it out.

Since that day I have attended 30+ Live events hosted by many different organizers and played in countless tournaments which allowed me to earn over $8,000 simply by playing a videogame. The love and passion I had for this game opened doors for me to , I travel all over the US, met new friends , and will pursue a career in Esports.Who knew I would end up working as an Esports Coordinator at Iron Gaming ? Maybe no one. You may be thinking from the sounds of it, “this was a simple straightforward path”. I can tell you it was not easy but completely it. From time to time, I still endure feedback from friends and family who insist that this gaming passion and career of mine is a waste of time, but everyday I look at what I get to do and remember that I am getting to do what I love to do.

Valve’s International Dota 2 Championship prize pool hit $15 million.
So what do you think? Is playing nk video games a waste of time? The answer I have for that is, heck no! I have found a way to work in the esports industry where I get to spend my time and energy creating amazing environments for people to compete and play video games every day. Over five platforms of game developers and multiple tournament organizers are up and running strong. Since 1999, over $15 million dollars in prize money has been given out and that number grows every day. Always follow what you are passionate about. You will find that your passions provide the best guide for your career path.