Western Saddle Care

How to take care of a Western Saddle?

Because a well made saddle can last a life time of riding, you will want to keep it in good condition.
Your saddle is made primarily of wood and leather. Both wood and leather keep well at moderate temperatures.

We can’t always control the humidity in the air so when it’s very dry and hot you will want too lightly oil your saddle more often.

In extreme humidity you will need to clean it with a good quality conditioner that does not contain oil. Over oiling the saddle will make it heavy and cumbersome. Most saddles only need oiling twice a year and a good cleaning once a month with a cleaner/conditioner.

When your not riding, place your saddle on a saddle horse. If you don’t the saddle will begin to warp out of shape. A warped saddle is useless and dangerous to both you and your horse.

If the unthinkable happens and you and your horse takes a tumble, assuming neither of you are injured, you will need to examine the saddle to be sure the tree is not broken. A broken saddle tree can do some serious damage to your horses back. Each time you saddle your horse, briefly inspect all straps and fastenings. Replace worn out straps as required