Cancun Transportation Buses Taxis And Shuttles Tips

Here are our best tips for transportation to your hotel, airport, Hotels Zone or downtown in Cancun & Riviera Maya. Notice that you can find valuable discounts on airport transportation booking online.

Airport – Hotel – Airport

Authorized taxis services are offered at the airport when you leave the arriving area. However, it is recommendable to book this service online, before you arrive to Cancun, as you will avoid large lines and you will get better rates too. Prices are per vehicle, so it will be the same price for 1 or 4 passengers.

Shared Ride Shuttle
This service is available from 8 am to 8 pm only, so you must be ready to ride it before 8 pm or you will lose it. There are valuable discounts too if you book it online.

Public Transportation (to Cancun Downtown or Playa del Carmen Downtown)
If you go to Cancun or Playa del Carmen downtowns, this is a very economic service you can use, even if you have luggage. Price to Cancun is $4 dollars and to Playa del Carmen is $9 dollars. The bus does not stop in hotels or any point on the way. When you leave the arriving area at the airport just ask where you can find these buses and you will be gladly forwarded.

Hotels Zone Transportation
Public Transportation

Best way to move along the Hotels Zone is by bus. It runs 24 hours, the cost is about $0.70 us cents and there are bus stops everywhere. Except for rush hours (when hotel workers return home, 6-7 pm), this service is very comfortable and convenient.

Rout 1 (R1) runs along the Hotels Zone and also takes you to downtown, Tulum Ave, bus station and Puerto Juarez.

Rout 2 (R2) runs along the Hotels Zone and also takes you to Wal Mart, Mercado 28 (flea market) and Kabah Ave.

Rout 15 (R15) runs along the Hotels Zone and also takes you to Wal Mart and Quintana Roo Ave.

Rout 27 (R27) runs along the Hotels Zone and also takes you to Las Americas shopping cent

Downtown Transportation


In opposition to Hotels Zone buses, downtown buses are complicated to use and do not run very often. Even people from Cancun rather to use taxis which are not expensive at all and you can find them everywhere and anytime. Usual rate between downtown points is $2 – $3 dollars but it is important to agree the price before you get into the cab, as some dishonest taxi drivers may try to charge you a higher rate if they think they can trick you. To Hotels Zone, the rates go from $6 to $12 dollars, depending on how far you go.